more than 300 students from various schools in Gujarat take part in three days conference

“Music is a great platform to make a impact and fight with serious issues like terrorism. The only thing stops it is politics and once it is out the efforts will move positively to the desired results,” said famous Indian composer Lesle Lewis in Vadodara. He was in the city to attend the India’s International Movement to Unite Nations (IIMUN) conference organised by Gujarat Public School for the fourth time.

IIMUN is the biggest youth organisation run by 26000 students. Their main goal is to prepare villages in line with the Indian Constitution and to engage all the students involved in it, to make them aware of national ethics, rules, to have a real understanding of it and to develop a spirit of patriotism, irrespective of that rural area, explain the importance of the curriculum related to costume and teaching.  In addition the main approach is to create a special organization to familiarize the members of the area with Indian history, architecture and art.

In view of overall development of the students Gujarat Public School organized the three days conference where more than 300 students from various schools in Gujarat will take part and give their views on various topics. The students will have extensive discussions about regional, national and international issues and find out solutions to the questions which will be delivered to the United Nations (UN) later.

Students presented their views on the current challenging questions regarding social, political, borders and boundaries and try to find the solutions.  All the arrangements for the meals of more than 100 students of the state of Gujarat coming to this tri-day conference were arranged at Gujarat Public Club, Ataladara, Vadodara.

The forum give the students a platform to know in detail the serious questions of the world and find out the solutions. It also helps them to increase their knowledge many solutions suggested by the students can solve many issues. Along with education the conference will enable students to make their contribution to the international arena as well.

Famous musicians and celebrities of the Indian film world and folk lovers like Lesle Lewis, Mrunal Jain, Kavya Vaidya remain present at the Conference and guide the studetns.  Lewis is a mascot for IIMUN gor years now and believe in enlighten the youth to contribute in the development of the nation. He said music is the best platform to convey every message to anyone and get desired results. The only thing he mentioned is remove politics and all will be heading to positive ways. He also added the social media impact will be more on the thoughts of today’s generations to guide them.

Actor Mrunal Jain speaks on sports and importance of TV and Digital world in present time. The aim is try to reach them the positive impact of the medium and show them the ways to fulfill their dreams. Youtube is one such platform which the youths of today use extensively and become famous.



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