“I want my talent and life flow like a river,” said veteran actor Kiran Kumar


In Vadodara for promotion of his Gujarati film Baap Re

“I want my talent and life flow like a river and always try to learn something from everyone,” said veteran actor Kiran Kumar from the sidelines of the promotion of his Gujarati film Baap Re in Vadodara. The film is scheduled to be release on 18th January in cinemas.

Still young with nature the veteran actor is all praise of Vadodara city as he spent some quality time here. “I felt nostalgic whenever I visit Vadodara as it always make me feel like it’s my city. The people here are very like minded as they love good collection of films. The city has less collection of Gujarati films from where which make me sad sometime as the people here like different stories from the routine. Our film is special in the way that it touch the chord of every people in the family and they can relate with the story,” said Kiran Kumar.

He said the time for Gujarati films is good as today is the time of natural acting and not the fiction and loud type used to be earlier during their time. This film is also in the same bracket where the audience can relate to it emotionally. The film is all about relationship between father, son, wife, friends and effect the audience.

The veteran actor feels that he still learns a lot from others and trying to improve himself the experiences. “I have done over 450 Hindi films, over 80 Gujarati movies and around 8000 episodes in television. But still I am not complete as an actor and always learn something from my co stars. In this film the other artists are my colleagues and it’s a good learning experience for me as we always learn everything from life. I learn the art of patience from them and that helps me a lot during the shooting of the film. I want my talent and life to flow like a river,” said Kumar.

The film Baap Re will hit the theatres on 18th January with startcast consists of Kiran Kumar, Kumkum Das,  Raunaq Kamdar, Creena Shah and directed by Nirav Barot.


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