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09 March – Know your today's horoscope

09 March – Know your today's horoscope

09 March   – Know your todays horoscope

Aries : Your hope will bloom like a rich delicate fragrant and dazzling flower. You may spend a lot today on small things around the house, which can mentally stress you out. Enjoy a peaceful and quiet day with family members-If people approach you with problems- Ignore them and don't let this bother your mind. Erratic behaviour of your darling ruin romance today. Good day for businessmen as they might see some sudden unexpected profits or windfall. You will receive important invitation from unexpected sources. A relative, friend, or neighbor might bring tensions to your married life today.

Taurus : You will be happy as people around you extend support. You will possess a desire to earn quick money. Try not to offend others and adapt to your family needs. You may fall in love at first sight. Lots of love will prevail at your workplace today. You need to move out and rub elbows with people at high places. You might get an amazing surprise for your marital pleasures.

Gemini :Today you will be full of energy-Whatever you do- you will be able to do it in half the time you generally take. The arrival of money today can relieve you from many financial troubles. Don't reveal information that is personal and confidential. Those engaged will find their fiancée a source of great happiness. Today will be very active and highly social day for you all- People will look up to you for advice and will simply agree with anything that comes out of your mouth. Travel will be beneficial but expensive. The day is exclusive in your regular married life, you will experience something really unusual today.

Cancer : A day when you will be able to relax. Massage your body with oil to give relief to your muscles. Due to any member of your family falling ill, you may face financial problems. Although at this time, you should worry about their health more than money. You should spend your spare time enjoying the company of children-even if you have to go out of your way to make that happen. Exciting day as you receive gifts/presents from your beloved. Today your artistic and creative ability will attract lot of appreciation and bring you unexpected rewards. You should learn to spend some time with the younger members of your family. Not doing this can hinder your efforts for familial peace. It might become the best eve of your life with your spouse today.

Leo : It is right time for the heart patients to quit coffee. Any further use would put unnecessary pressure on your heart. All the money you had invested in the past to make your future prosperous will reap fruitful results today. Visit a relative who has not been keeping to well. You will catch the eye of a special someone-if you move about within your group. Today, you will know the truth that why your boss is so rude with you always. It will feel really good. This is one of those days when you'll try to take out time for yourself from your busy schedule but fail miserably. You are going to feel lucky today for being married.

Virgo : Your will power may be rewarded today as you confront a very tricky situation. You should not lose head while making a very emotional decision. Don't spend too much on entertainment or cosmetic improvement. Your children would do their best to keep you happy. Your lover may get hurt about something you had said. Before they get angry with you, realize your mistake and make up with them. Avoid romancing around within the office space, as it can hamper your image. If you wish to talk to someone and get closer, then maintain the distance while talking to them inside the office. Natives who get accused of not giving ample time to their families can think of spending some quality moments with them. However, due to some important work popping up, your plan will fail. Everything seems happy today in your married life.

Libra : You must take complete rest to recharge your body otherwise the fatigue could cause pessimism in you. Today, you should stop yourself from overspending unnecessarily, otherwise there can be a shortage of money. Friends and family members provide you with encouragement. Romance will suffer today because of the bad health of your spouse. Opportunities to show your skills will be with you today. Today, you would like to do all the things that you used to love during your childhood. Your spouse may disturb a plan or project of yours; don't lose patience.

Scorpio : Your polite behaviour will be appreciated. Many people will shower verbal praise on you. Today, one of your parents can lecture you on the importance of saving money. You need to listen to them very carefully, otherwise you may face problems in the upcoming time. A very good day to harmonise your relations with wife. In a family both people involved should be totally committed to their love and trust more in their relationship. Ready to take responsibility and communicate constructively. Your love partner will surprise you with something really beautiful today. New ideas would be productive. To properly utilize your free time, you should get away from people and do what you love. Doing this you will also bring some positive changes in your life. Things are really beautiful today in your married life. Plan a wonderful evening for your spouse.

Sagittarius :Your hope will bloom like a rich delicate fragrant and dazzling flower. Perfect day to purchase items that would grow in value. An old friend may call on you in the evening and brings in nostalgic memories. Avoid raising controversial issues, if you happen to go on a date today. Work schedule becomes hectic as competition comes up. Seminars and exhibitions will provide you with new knowledge and contacts. You or your spouse might get hurt in bed today, so be gentle with each other.

Capricorn : Today's entertainment should include sports activities and outdoor events. Today, you can take your family members out for a get-together and spend a lot of money on them. Health of your parents causes concern and anxiety. Your limitless love is very valuable for your beloved. Travel likely to improve your business contacts. A beneficial day as things seem to go in your favour and you will be on top of the world. If you were feeling cursed since long, this is the day when you will feel blessed.

Aquarius :Identify the feelings which motivate you. You should leave your negative thoughts like fear doubts anger greed etc. as these work like magnets attracting just opposite what you want. Today, you will understand the importance of money and how unnecessarily spending it can negatively affect your future. Your problems will be serious- but people around you will not notice the pain you are going through-Probably they feel it is none of their business. Opportunities for a romance are apparent- but will be short lived. After a difficult phase, the day will surprise you with something beautiful at work. You know the importance of personal space, and you are likely to get a lot of free time today. In this time, you can play a game or go to the gym. A good dinner with a good night sleep is expected for your married life today.

Pisces :Blood pressure patients should be extra careful about their health while travelling in a crowded bus. Today, you can seek advice from the seniors of your family about finance management and savings and use them in your daily life. Try to be reasonable especially with people who love and care for you. Love life seems to be blessing you today. It is also the good time to express yourself- and work on projects that are of creative nature. After completing household chores, housewives of this zodiac sign can watch a movie on TV or get engaged in their mobile phones in the free time today. Married couples live togther, but it is not always romantic. Hence today, it is going to be really really romantic.

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