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Honey garlic chicken wings recipe

Honey garlic chicken wings recipe

Near about everyone in today's world likes different types of food. Some like vegetarian dishes and some like non-vegetarian dishes. We see hundreds of food blog pages on social media who explore the different types of food. You can find unlimited recipes on the internet which can be cooked at home. There are different recipes for every dish. You can choose the best out of them. Eating a good dinner is equally important as eating breakfast and lunch. When we talk about non-vegetarian food items we notice that chicken is the most favorite out of all. Like with a potato you can cook different dishes, in the same way, a chicken can be cooked in different ways.

How about honey garlic chicken wing? Sounds good to hear and will even taste you much better than hearing when you will try it. Honey garlic chicken wings are so tasty and delicious. Sweet and crispy sticky chicken wings will make your dinner perfect. The honey garlic sauce coating makes it so presentable that you will not be able to resist yourself from eating it. But, how to cook honey garlic chicken wings? Do not worry as Zomato promo code provides you with best deals and offers for their customers.

Ingredients required for baking honey garlic chicken wings

Salted butter

Minced garlic

Good quality honey


Soy sauce

Salt and olive oil

Red pepper flakes

White wine vinegar

chicken wings

So, these are the ingredients you require for baking honey garlic chicken wings. It is quick and easy to make. If you do not have a mood to bake at your home you can go for Zomato promo code offer. This recipe is for chicken wings in the oven. You might have noticed when you order in any restaurant, they deep fry the chicken wings so that it remains crispy. If you want to cook at home then chicken wings in the oven are the best method.


Before the preparation of garlic sauce, we need to bake the chicken wings. Follow these steps to bake the chicken in the oven. Dab the chicken and dry them with paper towels. After this coat them with the flour. Flour should not be so thick and should be in dusting amount.

Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees as it should be hot before you are popping your chicken wings into it. Brush them with olive oil and place them in the oven. This is essential because it will make them crispy.

Now when your chicken wings are baked we need to prepare the garlic chicken sauce. Below is the process to make chicken garlic sauce. Preparing sauce is quick and easy.

Take 2tbsp of butter in a pan and add lots of garlic into it. Cook it at least for a minute until the garlic is slightly fragrant.

Now, add honey to the paste but remember use good quality honey as Zomato promo code never compromises with the taste and use high-quality ingredients. Moreover, honey is the main ingredient of your recipe.

After this add soy sauce and some amount of red chili flakes for making the balance of sweet and spicy.

After this add white wine vinegar for balancing the flavor and it also adds acidity. Cook for4-5 minutes until the sauce becomes a little thick.

Now, your chicken garlic sauce is ready and we are all set to apply the coating of sauce on the chicken wings.

Apply a coating of chicken garlic sauce on the baked chicken wings and put them back in the oven. Let them cool for 5-10 minutes so that the sauce thickens. Do not forget to stir the chicken wings every minute to coat in the sauce as it thickens.

Things to remember

When you take the chicken wings out of the oven the juices should run clear.

Also, check the skin of the chicken wings is browned and crispy as you like.

You can also garnish the chicken wings with chopped cilantro to present it in a more beautiful manner.

Your honey garlic chicken wings are ready to serve. With flavors of butter, sweetness, and spiciness they are all ready to serve you on the plate. It would take less than half an hour to bake honey garlic chicken wings with Zomato promo code. You will not forget the taste and you will want to lick your fingers to wipe off the sauce. They are amazingly delicious to eat.

With all the flavors balanced you will feel every single ingredient in your mouth. The essence of flavors will mesmerize your heart. A perfect add on to any appetizer plate are these honey garlic chicken wings.

This recipe is the secret to make honey garlic chicken wings at your home. It is also perfect for any occasion at your home as you can make your guests happy. They would definitely love them.

Now, when you have got this amazing honey garlic chicken wing recipe you can make your weekly menu somehow good with the taste of spice and sweet together. There is nothing to hate about this dish and once you eat your mouth will water again for this wonderful dish. Though there are different methods for baking chicken wings I guess this one is quick, easy and also satisfying enough regarding the taste of the dish. Try out this amazing recipe at your home.

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