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WR's time tabled special trains to now run with regular train number

PRS downtime during night due to updating of data

WRs time tabled special trains to now run with regular train number

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, all regular Mail/Express trains were being operated as Mail Special Covid (MSPC) and Holiday Special (HSP) trains. According to a press release issued by Sumit Thakur - Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, it has now been decided that WR's all regular time – tabled trains which are presently operating as Special Trains, shall be operated with regular numbers and with fares as applicable for the concerned classes of travel and type of train.

It may be noted that the change will come into force from Journey Commencing on 15th November, 2021. Details of the same are available on

Thakur further stated that as part of Railways' efforts to normalize the passenger services and revert back in a phased manner to the pre-covid levels of service, the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) of Railways will be shut down for 6:00 hours during the lean business hours of the night for next 7 days.

This is to enable upgradation of system data and updating of new train numbers etc. Since huge amount of past (old train numbers) and current passenger booking data are to be updated in all Mail/ Express trains, this is being planned in a series of carefully calibrated steps and implemented during night hours in order to minimize impact on ticketing services.

The activity will be performed on a daily basis from 23.30 hrs till 05.30 hrs every day for 7 days, starting from the intervening night of 14th & 15th November, 2021. During these 6 hours' (from 23:30 to 05:30 hrs) period, no PRS Services (ticket Reservation, current booking, cancellation, etc) will be available. During the period railway personnel will ensure the advance charting for the trains departing during the affected timings.

Except for the PRS services, all other enquiry services including 139 services will continue uninterrupted.

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