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Sainik school Balachadi celebrates 89th Air Force Day

Sainik school Balachadi celebrates 89th Air Force Day

Sainik school Balachadi celebrates 89th Air Force Day

89th Air Force Day was celebrated in Sainik School Balachadi, Jamnagar on 08 October 2021. The program started in school auditorium with the presentation given on significance of Indian Air Force Day by Cadet Abhishek and Cadet Manvendra of class XII.

On this occasion, Squadron Leader Mahesh Kumar, Administrative Officer, Sainik School Balachadi gave an informative presentation on 'Basic elements of Airfield' with an explanation on how an airfield looks like and works. Motivational videos on display team 'SURYAKIRAN' and on Indian IAF were also showcased which helped Cadets to understand the Indian Air Force in a better way. An interesting question answer session on IAF was also conducted for the Cadets.

Speaking on the occasion, Group Captain Ravinder Singh, Principal, Sainik School Balachadi wished and conveyed his heartiest congratulations to each and every one. During his speech the Chief Guest highlighted the origin and significance of the IAF. He explained the role of the IAF in detail. He informed cadets that if they wish to join the IAF then they need to improve their situational awareness. He told IAF gives an opportunity to work on highly sophisticated equipment & machines and Sainik School Balachadi gives opportunity to Cadets for such training and motivates Cadets to join National Defence Academy(NDA).

The vote of thanks was delivered by School Cadet Captain Cadet Shaurya Ray and the event culminated with the presentation of Air Force Song 'Desh Pukare Jjab Sab Ko'.

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