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Parul University Joins with the Angdan Charitable Trust to Raise Awareness on Organ Donation

Parul University Joins with the Angdan Charitable Trust to Raise Awareness on Organ Donation

Parul University Joins with the Angdan Charitable Trust to Raise Awareness on Organ Donation

In today's society, there has been a great increase in the demand for organ donors all around the globe and India is one of the countries with a great need for such donors. As a way of meeting this need, Parul University has partnered with the Angdan Charitable Trust which is dedicated towards saving lives by promoting organ donations.

Taking the positive step towards enhancing healthcare in the country, the two parties initiated their new association on the 4th of December at the University's Vadodara campus. Commencing the inauguration of the Angdan Rath Van, a mobile van spreading organ donation awareness, the Chief Guests expressed the significance of this initiative towards ensuring the well-being and livelihood of the society. The gathering managed to effectively shed light on a number of key factors which have been limiting the process of organ donation in the country and this newfound collaboration is a positive step towards this direction.

This gathering with its noble agenda of saving lives hosted esteemed guests such as Dilip Deshmukh - Founder Angdan Charitable Trust and Social Worker, Ashokhbhai Patel, Vadodara Jilla Panchayat President, Bhargavbhai Bhatt, Pradesh Mahamantri State BJP, Dr. Hitendra Patel, Chairman of Standing Committee amongst others. Dr. Komal Patel, Medical Director and Member of the Governing Body, and Dr. M.N Patel, Provost, Parul University were also present at the event.

The Angdan Charitable Trust was founded by Dilip Deshmukh, a social worker who was driven by his passion to help people and see lives being changed. This event took place on the campus to raise awareness amongst the student community and change their perspective towards the matter. The program also provided for the youth of Parul University a way through which they were enlightened on the contemporary aspects surrounding the pressing need for organ donation.

Adding on to the enriching knowledge base of the medical students of Parul University across the faculties of Ayurved, Pharmacy and Homeopathy the students managed to receive insightful ideas and enhance their knowledge in the scope of this field. The ceremony also included a launch of a mobile van called the Angdan Rath Van. The Mobile Van will assist the team of experts to reach local communities and to spread awareness through advertisements. Towards the end of the event, all members and students who attended took an oath to ensure their maximum participation towards raising awareness and educating others on the importance of organ donation.

"I believe this proactive step in raising awareness about the value and importance of organ donation will go a long way in developing our nation's healthcare. I am thankful for the support of Angdan Charitable Trust and I am positive that together we can make this a possibility", said Dr. Komal Patel.

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