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Kidney and liver of brain dead girl from Vadodara donated by her parents

Gives life to 3 to 4 people

Kidney and liver of brain dead girl from Vadodara donated by her parents

In a noble gesture parents of a 24 year old girl donated her liver and kidney after she was declared brain dead by doctors. Rutvi Rao sustained very severe head injury in a road traffic accident on 11 November 2021. Initially she was taken to SSGH and kept on ventilatory support. Later relatives had shifted her to Sterting Hospital. She was comatose on arrival and also suffered from very low blood pressure, effects on heart and lungs as well. She was resuscitated. Further investigations suggested very severe brain injury, assessed by Dr Maulik Vaja (Neurosurgeon) and Dr Ritesh Shah (Critical Care Specialist).

Next 48-72 hours, in spite of all aggressive measures, blood pressure and other organ functions stabilized but there was no neurological improvement. Further investigations done suggested brain death which in legal terms means death. The doctors explained relatives regarding the futility of further medical care and no possibilities of neurological recovery. They also explained regarding the option of organ donation.

After thorough understanding, patient's parents and other relatives agreed for organ donation. The transplant committed SOTTO (State Organ and Tissue transplant Organization) was intimated. Dr Deepali (Transplant Co-ordinator) was involved. She also counseled relatives in detail regarding further process. Team from Hyderabad and Ahmedabad arrived on (18'" November) and assessed all organs. Decided to go ahead for harvesting liver and both kidneys as condition of heart and lungs were not fit to be transplanted

She is going to give life to at least 3-4 people, not only the patient but the whole family. The hospital thanked Rutvi's parents Manoj and Darshana for standing tall in their decision for organ donation.

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