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In a shocking incident poisonous corba appered on steering wheel of bullet

Safely rescued by Wildlife Rescue Trust volunteers

In a shocking incident poisonous corba appered on steering wheel of bullet

In a shocking incident took place in Vadodara on Tuesday, a poisonous cobra snake appeared on the steering wheel in front of a young man riding a bullet on the Akota Dandia Bazaar Bridge. He put his hand on the snake that came out suddenly and informed thr volunteers from the Wildlife Rescue Trust who rescued the cobra safely.

We often see crocodiles, snakes and other animals during the monsoons which comes out to roam in open areas. Sometimes snakes in two-wheelers have also been rescued in the city. Sandeep Chauhan, a resident of Tarsali area, was crossing the Atoka Dandia bazar Bridge on his bullet at 11 pm last night. He reached the crossroads when a snake appeared on his steering wheel send shockwaves in him.

As the bullet was on, the driver dared to hit the snake with his hand and put it down. The snake went under the petrol tank and he went down from the bike after parked it on thr side of the road. Police personnel had gathered at the spot and the rider contact Arvind Pawar, president of the Wildlife Rescue Trust, to rescue the snake that was trapped in the bullet. Volunteer Arun Suryavanshi rushed to the spot and rescued the snake hidden in the bullet by carefully removing it. He identified the snake as a venomous cobra.

Arvind Pawar said cobra is a venomous snake and can kill a person. It normally seen around shoes, pots and vehicles. One should look before removing the vehicle and if you ever come across a snake, don't try to rescue it yourself. Poisonous snake bites can also cause death.

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