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Happy ending of a story as the Sayaji Hospital family unite a mother with her daughter

Happy ending of a story as the Sayaji Hospital family unite a mother with her daughter

Happy ending of a story as the Sayaji Hospital family unite a mother with her daughter

A story that started on 21st August, 2021 at Sayaji Hospital in Vadodara has come to a happy end on Friday. Departments of Sayaji Hospital including Gynecology and Pediatric have been instrumental in the humanitarian work of reuniting a newborn daughter and her mother. 108 services have also contributed to this story.

On 21st August, a pregnant woman who was found in destitute state from Akota Bridge by 108 ambulance and she was rushed to the maternity ward where she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The newborn baby was placed in the pediatric ward and the mother in another ward as she was in a somewhat poor mental state.

In-charge Sister Bhanubahen Ghiwala said that help was sought from Sakhi One Stop Center at Sayaji Hospital for rehabilitation of the mother with her family. The woman was from Chhattisgarh and her family was also contacted. However no encouraging response was received.

During that time the mother was taken to the baby every day and was once placed in the mother's lap but she could not handle it properly. The girl was then placed in a child care home. Meanwhile, the woman was also taken to a mental health hospital for examination. But after a boil on her back, she was again brought to Sayaji Hospital and given necessary treatment in the surgical ward.

Meanwhile, R.M.O. and the MLO approached the Mangal Mandir Manav Seva Parivar Sansthan of Bagodra, which provides shelter and care to such women and she took

refuge there.

The mental health hospital reported that the mother was in a healthy mental state and as she missed her baby, the organisation again contacted Sayaji hospital. The new born was brought back from the nursery to Sayaji Hospital on Friday and underwent a health check-up in which she was found to be completely healthy.

Responding to this, the medical superintendent of Sayaji Hospital, Dr. Ranjan Krishna Aiyar said, our hospital provides health services to people from all over Central Gujarat and other states and treat them using the best of available equipment. This incident demonstrates the integrated and dedicated work of our various departments. Service and donor organisations like Mangal Mandir Manav Seva Parivar Sanstha in Bagodra provide encouraging support to our work and thanked everyone concerned.

Baby was handover to mother after the process and she left with the officials of the organisation. Everyone present there said goodbye to her with the satisfaction of being engaged in a good deed.

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