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Freshpik, a first-of-its-kind experiential gourmet food superstore, launched at Jio World Drive in Mumbai

Freshpik, a first-of-its-kind experiential gourmet food superstore, launched at Jio World Drive in Mumbai

Freshpik, a first-of-its-kind experiential gourmet food superstore, launched at Jio World Drive in Mumbai

Freshpik, a first-of-its-kind experiential gourmet food superstore from Reliance Retail, has launched its maiden store at Jio World Drive in Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai. With the launch of Freshpik, Reliance Retail forays into Ultra-Premium grocery segment in India.

Designed keeping in mind the refined tastes and delicate aesthetic sensibilities of food connoisseurs and well-travelled gourmands, the Freshpik store offers a melange of the finest food products and beverages sourced from select local and international destinations, presented through a bevy of immersive shopping concepts that make shopping fun, satisfying and pleasurable.

The range of food items offered at Freshpik include staples; freshly picked fruits and vegetables – with specially curated exotic and organic varieties and live microgreens; essential ingredients for international cuisines such as Italian, Thai, Japanese, Korean; a rich selection of finest breads, artisanal cheese, ice creams, frozen desserts and chocolates from local and international producers; and handcrafted delicacies including muffins, cakes, cookies and pastries with keto-friendly, gluten, vegan, high-protein options. The 'Good for You' range of premium and healthy food products caters to the diverse dietary preferences of the health-conscious customers.

Apart from this, customers can also choose from exotic varieties of tea and coffee; a wide range of personal care products, including premium ayurvedic and natural products; a host of kitchen accessories like cooking ware, serveware, and bespoke and ready-to-pick gifting options.

A distinctive aspect of Freshpik is its immersive shopping concepts – created by integrating digital and physical themes – that elevate the experience of shopping to a whole new plane. Many of these concepts are being implemented for the first time in India.

Like the wine store has a stocking of globally renowned wines, and also inbuilt tasting room where customers can try wines and beers of their choice, and even engage in appreciation and education sessions. The young ones can get a customised 3D printing done on chocolates at the Cadbury Purple room; or indulge themselves at the cheese sauce counter or the live salad and sandwiches counter. The chocoholics can savour the finest and best of chocolates from Godiva, Smoor, Cadbury and a host of finest farm-to-bar chocolate brands. The Candy Paradise is a treat for kids with M&M and 4700BC popcorn. They can also enjoy a serving of fresh milkshake and waffles at Epigamia's Yogurt Bar or live popcorn and cotton candy pop-ups at 4700BC popcorn. At the staples counter, they can watch nut butter or nut milk being freshly prepared.

"If good food is your thing, Freshpik is a paradise. It's a playground to delight all our senses, touch, see, smell, hear, taste, enjoy. Come with your own wish-list of food. I promise, the discoveries will surprise you. Freshpik is a food experience, not just a store" said Damodar Mall, CEO Grocery Retail, Reliance Retail.

FRESHPIK offers 'Omnichannel' service complemented with digitally enriched in-store experience that features a 'Personal Shopper' where customers can do a quick self check-out and enjoy a smooth and hassle-free shopping trip. The FRESHPIK app will be available soon too.

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