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A safety shield for the citizens of Bharuch by Bharuch Police

Prolife Foundation and Connect Gujarat News Channel took an initiative to participate in the safety cause


In order to ensure that Uttarayan festival in Bharuch does not become a death sentence for any family, Safety guards were provided to the drivers free of cost by Prolife Foundation and Connect Gujarat News Channel.

A mother and daughter, who were crossing the Bhugrunushi bridge in Bharuch, came across a severed kite string. The mother lost her life in front of her daughter. Everyone was worried about their safety after the incident. Bharuch police immediately started distributing safetyguards. Prolife Foundation and Connect Gujarat News Channel have become participants in this noble work of Bharuch Police. About 500 safetyguards from both the organizations were provided to the police department. DYSP Vikas Sunda at Panchbatti Circle provided free safety guards to motorists. Through the efforts of Karan Jolly of Prolife Foundation and Yogesh Pareek of Connect Gujarat, drivers have received safety guards. DYSP Vikas Sunda applauded the effort and congratulated Prolife Foundation and Connect Gujarat.

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