National Safety Day 2021

Police arrested around 10 advocates of the city before they protest

Gujarat Highcourt incharge Chief Justice Anant Dave inaugurated state first Vulnerable witness deposition centre inside Vadodara Court. However police arrested around 10 advocates of the city before they protest before him. The advocates are agitating for more than 15 days demanding space for them inside the new court building.

The vulnerable witness deposition centre in Vadodara court is opened with an aim to help children give statements without fear. The centre will have a special room like ambience and one help is there for the witness. The person will equip with microphone and headphone the whole process will be live telecast through CCTV directly at the courtroom. The questions for the witness will be asked to the helper from the court proceeding present in the centre.

Incharge Chief Justice Anant Dave said Indian law system is old and protection is given to the witness during the trials. It is important to give special care to to the witness and victim in sensitive matters and the effort is to give them the relaxed environment during deposition.


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