Patients get blood filters, Iron Chelation Pumps and others medical usables under one roof.

Gujarat get it’s first Thalessemia centre in Vadodara inaugurated by the Wishing factory. Various utility items like blood filters, Iron Chelation Pumps  and other medical usables along with medicines are available at the centre for the patients.

Wishing Factory in association with Inox Air Products inaugurated the first Thalessemia Wellness center in Vadodara on Sunday. Thalessemia is blood disorder where body produces abnormal form of Haemoglobin that affects oxygen supply to the tissues. The centre provide the one stop solution to the patients which they need every time in a transfusion.

“The centre has facilities of blood filters, Iron Chelation Pumps, Disperol injections and medicines for the patients. Every 10 to 15 days the patients have to visit the transfusion centre and need the other medical equipments which are costly enough to afford by everyone. Here they can get the facilities under one roof,” said Parth founder of the centre.

The Iron Chelation Pump is a device administer the drug inside a patient body at a regulated speed for maximum efficiency. The centre has 15 such pumps as it can be used by multiple times by the patients coming from Vadodara and nearby districts.

The centre is equipped with health lounge area where patients can use the pump while watching their favorite programme. Each patient shall be given a membership card which make them eligible to avail the facilities of the centre.

The Wishing Factory has planned to enhance their well being by arranging workshops, art based therapies and free tuitions on every weekend.


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