Aim to spread positivity in society

Social media is such a strong medium that a little carelessness can lead to serious consequences. However there are people who use it to spread happiness and good vibes in the society for a better future.

‘Friends Praja’ Whatsapp group is one such association of like minded people spreading the message of positivity in the society since its existence. Started in 2013 the group gathered at decided places and enjoy the time with fun activities. The idea is to steal some happy moments from life and spread the positivity in society.

On Saturday they gathered here in Vadodara for their first ever pre Uttarayan celebrations and enjoy the moment with friends and family. The Whatsapp group was started by Prakash Jadawala and Alap Shah having members from all age group.

“We started the group on 8th August 2013 with an aim to spread positivity and happiness in the society. Our members are like a extended family always there for each other in moments of happiness and sorrow. We celebrate each festival, ocassion together and spread the positive message in the society to enjoy each moment of life. We also works as an NGO and done programmes like blood donation camps, tree plantation and help the underpreviliged, ” said Jadawala.

The members of Friends Praja group gathered in Vadodara on Sunday for pre Uttarayan celebrations and enjoy the time with fun activities like singing old songs and share good experiences with each other.

“I came from Vapi for our Whatsapp group get  together in Vadodara. Members from Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar and other cities also joined the celebrations which is not limited to any age group. We have professionals, lawyers, doctors, artists, government officials,  retired professionals, housewives, children in here and is like a family bonding. We want to spread happiness in the society and spread the message that social media can be used as a tool to bring change in people,” said Sonit  Chavda from Vapi.



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