Volunteers of Faith foundation spread awareness towards alcohol specially in youths

It’s the time of year when the whole nation is eagerly waiting to welcome the New Year and plan for grand celebrations and parties. However liquor and drugs makes the youth start it with a fun and later ends up playing with their lives.

To spread the message of drug free celebration Faith Foundation in Vadodara display placards with messages at the popular Fatehgunj area in the city. The volunteers also chose the effective medium of flash mob to spread the message to the people specially the youth.

Dressed in yellow caps and t shirts having messages of tobacco free society the volunteers dance to the tunes of popular bollywood songs and try to spread the awareness for a alcohol free celebration.

“We want to spread the message of alcohol free 31st night to avoid the incidents of accidents and fights due to consumption of alcohol. We want to aware people to take the New Year resolution for alcohol free life in future,” said Anant Christian founder member Faith Foundation.