Initiative by I Online Doctor to give access to doctors at single click

Consulting a doctor is sometimes very tiring and time consuming and people often lose a day in the process. In such a situation I Online Doctor comes to rescue and give patients the access to contact the doctors with a click of a button directly from home. In the last three months since it’s launching 1lakh people download the application from Google play and IOS platforms.

In today’s fast paced life one need quick access to everything even in medical field where a second of delay can lead to serious consequences. I Online Doctor also gives the easy access to people for their medical needs. One need a smartphone with internet connectivity and he or she can live chat with the doctor about the problems and get the medication.

Brain child of Indian born Canadian citizen  Deepak Patel who develop the application after long four years of research and other necessary parameters. “I am a diabetic and whenever I went to the doctor for consultation I use to wait for not less than two hours which is very time consuming. Secondly the doctors give the medication through the reports which I find is something wastage of time. So I decide to develop the application which can help the patient to contact any doctor on phone without visiting there and save the money and time. After four years of deep research we finally able to launch the application in August 2018,” said Patel.

Since it launching on both Android and IOS platforms the application saw 1 lakh downloads and more and more doctors are registering themselves with it. “We cover 39 disciplines and more than 750 doctors from India and America registered themselves with us. 14 Super Speciality doctors from America are also giving their services online to the patients at their working hours. The aim is to provide affordable accessible healthcare to everyone at a click of a button, ” said Patel.

The application has text chat, Audio and video options where the patient can directly consult with the doctor and get the expert opinion in hour of need. They can contact doctors from the Bombay, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and even US from Vadodara sitting at their home. “The facility is supplement for the existing one and we don’t want to change anything. It saves the travelling time and the person can consult a doctor in case of emergency from anywhere. The application can also give excess to the medical history of the patient from time they began their treatment from the particular doctor,” said Patel.

Being a Barodian Deepak Patel launched the first digital consultation from the city in association with MSU Baroda and plan to spread it across the world. “We are targeting 25 different countries to cover in 2019 and mostly target the rural areas where the medical facility is sometimes inaccessible. We are also going to represent the plan to CM and PM for government support in the initiative, ” said Patel.

Before the launching a pilot study of the project was conducted in two villages of Waghodia where the volunteers get good response and that helps them to move forward with the initiative. “We conduct camps at Limda and Madheli villages where the students of Parul university volunteered us in the project. We use our own smartphones to consult doctors from there and the people find it handy for them. We able to spread the awareness and now planning to take it to the other villages of Gujarat. We are also planning to include laboratories and chemist shops to provide the patient a one stop solution for their medical needs,” said Nikita Kariya Media and Business development executive.


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