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Fewer Carbs Sweets to try this Diwali

Fewer Carbs Sweets to try this Diwali

Diwali is not just the celebration of lights and joy of victory but is also a festival that highlights the amazing array of desserts that India is known for. When it comes to discussing the sweets, it is most likely that you will encounter a very small list of effective sweets that are actually less in carbs and sugar but we have tried to culminate a list of desserts that you can try out this Diwali and not worry much about putting on a lot of weight.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the best low carbs sweets that you can make or buy and eat this Diwali.


This popular Maharashtrian dessert is not just delectable but quite good for your overall health as well, mainly because of the fact that it is made out of hung yogurt and you can even skip out the sugar and switch it up with natural sweeteners and honey to get the same kind of taste but on a healthier side of the spectrum.

Rawa Halwa

Yet another one of the very common low carb desserts that you can hand down to your guests the halwa made out of semolina. Because of the fact that it is made out of semolina and even can be substituted with healthier sweetening agents, it is quite a healthy option that you can try out instead of the loads of carbs and calories that you get from the normal sweets you get around Diwali. Be generous with the dry fruits and you are good to go.

Kheer with Vermicelli

Roasted vermicelli is quite a healthier option if you want to switch up the normal recipe of the kheer with some even better and tastier for the guests to try out. Whatever the options be, this is one of those desserts that have a very important part in the list of sweets for Diwali. Make sure that you roast the vermicelli in ghee before you transfer them into the milk.


Kalakand is a very common dessert which is popular not just for its low carb content but known for its amazing taste inspite of the low amount of sugar used in making the dessert. It is often made from “chena” and is made using some sugar and a lot of dry fruits to make up for the lack of sweetness in the sweet.

Desserts are a staple when it comes to Diwali. You just can’t celebrate this festival without a proper hand at the list of sweets onthe display. Make sure these above mentioned ones make an appearance in your festival if you want something on the healthier side.

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