Father son duo injured in different accidents fulfilled the sacred duty of voting


Parth Agarwal says this injury will disappear in 6 months but if he don’t vote, will have to suffer loss for 5 years

A father son duo in Vadodara gives a positive message to the society after casting their votes with injuries. Father Subhash Agarwal and his son Parth Agarwal were injured in different accidents and had plasters came to the polling station of Rosary High School to cast their votes.

This might not be the special incident where father son duo went to vote but the special thing in the case was that both of them were injured in different accidents but not missed their chance to vote.

Parth Agarwal has just returned from abroad after completing his education. He has a plaster on one leg due to an accident in the gym. He vote regularly in all the elections and this time also don’t want to miss the chance.

His injury will heal in 6 months, but if he missed this time then he will get the opportunity to vote in 5 years. The city needs to choose the right candidate to get facilities and don’t want to suffer a loss for five years. So inspite of the pain he voted along with his father.

He said the youth and all voters must fulfill their duty to vote.


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