Stand and holding placards in front of site office

A family from Sadhi village in Padra protest in a unique way by holding placards demanding their money back from the popular builder group in Vadodara. They stand in front of the site where they booked their shops and demand their money back from the owners.

As per the details Chetan Patel from Sadhi village in Padra booked three shops in Skyrise of Balaji group of Companies in Atladara area of city. He gives one lakh cheques as booking amount for the shops worth around 42 lakhs.

A farmer by profession he said to be booked the shops after the mall launched the scheme with 8% money back. He paid 18.21 lakhs to them and also has all the documents with them about the payments.

However Chetanbhai cancelled the booking three months ago as they found the price higher than what they assume earlier. He contact the owners for money back but as per him they don’t listen and instead threaten him.

Chetanbhai also put allegations that he along with his wife, daughter and father stand in front of the Aghora mall site at Mangal Pandey road with posters demanding money back. But the owners take the help of the police and also threatening them to move away from the place.

He said not to leave the place till they get justice and money back from the owners. The owners of the group are unreachable as we try to connect them regarding the matter.


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