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Facility of 5749 beds in 546 villages of the district under collective covid care center

Facility of 5749 beds in 546 villages of the district under collective covid care center

Administration used village power to deal with corona

The second wave of Corona is being strongly faced in the villages of Vadodara district. District Development Officer Kiran Zaveri said that effective action is being taken by the health branch of the district panchayat to control the spread of corona virus in the villages of the district.

District Development Officer Kiran Zaveri added that under Maru Gaam Corona mukt Gam Abhiyan, collective covid care centers with 5749 bed facilities have been started in 546 villages of the district. In these centers patients with normal symptoms of corona are kept under isolation to prevent the spread of infection.

He added that these centers would be a boon for those in the villages who do not have isolation facilities at home. These centers started with public participation in the villages, the patients are being given medicine, tea, snacks as well as two meals a day. Besides, such patients are being treated by the doctors of PHC, CHC.

While the vaccine is the only cure for corona disease, 3.49 lakh people have been vaccinated in Vadodara district till yesterday. Vaccination drive in the district have also been speeding up by the administration.

In Vadodara district, Ayurvedic medicines have been distributed to the people in the villages through 36 hospitals under AYUSH.

Class-I officers have been appointed as liaison officers in eight talukas of Vadodara district. Apart from this, the responsibility of eight to ten villages has been assigned to the class-2 officers. The focus will be on providing effective health services to the patients admitted to the collective covid care center. A ten-member committee of village leaders has been formed for each village, which will help the villagers to maintain the prescribed protocol of covid, including wearing a mask, maintaining social distance.

He added that with the help of rural manpower from Vadodara district, the district administration is making continuous efforts to help villages fight corona.

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