The feature tested and can help you connect commentators on public posts

Facebook is testing a feature that can point to the commonalities you have with other random users – whether you share a neighbourhood with them or went to the same university.

The tool, currently available for a few users in the US, displays titbits of information a user has in common with people they are not friends with.

For example, if you read comments on a public page – say a branded profile or a publisher’s page, Facebook will highlight the things you have in common with the people who have left comments, even if they are not your friends.

The label may also highlight if you are a part of common groups, if you work for the same organisation or whether you went to the same university.

Facebook clarified that the tags the feature will use will not violate a user’s privacy as they only show information that is publicly available, meaning the same information can also be seen by someone by visiting a user’s profile.


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