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Educate girls to make them self dependent is my mission - Nishita Rajput

Educate girls to make them self dependent is my mission - Nishita Rajput

Nishita Rajput who took the responsibility to educate girls achieved a new mile stone this year. The girl from Vadodara reach 1crore in terms of the money she collects to educate girls in the city. This year Nishita will give the fees of 500 boys among 10,000 girls from Vadodara. She also will help 51 girls and pay half of their college fees this year.

Starting six years ago Nishita Rajput took the responsibility to educate girls in Vadodara city who can't afford the cost of their education. She collected cheques from the donors and deposited in the schools on behalf of the girls. This is the 7th year she is depositing money for the education of the girls and this time she collect 1 crore to support 10,000 girls from the city.

“Continuing my mission to educate girls from the city this time I collected 1crore from the donors and will support the education of 10,000 girls. This time I include 500 boys who are economically not very sound and will pay their fees. I will also pay half of the fees of 51 girls who take admission in the Arts and Commerce faculty in the MSU Baroda,” said Nishita Rajput.

Nishita collected the money from the donors in cheques and that too in account pay for clear transparency in the monetary matters. She also sends all the details of the girls to the donors. “To make the dealing more transparent I send all the details of the girls to the donor to make them aware about where the money is spent. Moreover I deposited the money in the schools through account pay cheques. This time also I will deposit the money with the same system and also send the details of the beneficiaries to the donors,” said Nishita Rajput.

This year Nishita Rajput will pay fees of 10,000 girls which include 500 boys. For the first time she include boys in the list of beneficiaries and in addition she will also pay half of the fees of 51 college students. The aim of supporting the girls to make them self dependent in life to support their families later on.

"I took the responsibility to educate as many girls in the city to make them self dependent. From last six years I financed the education of 6800 girls through donations and in 2016 I paid fees of 5100 girls and 51 lakhs for them. This year I collect 1crore to support 10,000 needy students and will deposit fees for them in their schools. Starting from 351 girls I reached 10,000 and will spread it to other cities of Gujarat in future,”said Nishita. This time a donor give a cheque of 3 lakhs and Nishita herself donate the money she received from Deepak foundation for achievement earlier this year.

Nishita financed the education of girls starting from 2nd to 12th standard and recognised 104 schools where she paid their fees. Many youngsters also joined her in her mission and collect donations to support her. The donors from outside cities like Chembur, Mumbai, Anand, Pune, Ahmedabad and countries like UK, USA and Australia have send their cheques for the girls education.

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