Dhadhar river near Padra flowing dangerously


cause way immersed alert issued to nearby villages

Dhadhar river flowed dangerously on both ends near Sokhada Radhu village near Padra. Top officials reached the spot to review the situation as the cause way between Sokhada Radhu and Kotna immersed inside the flood water.

Due to heavy rains the Dhadhar river passing from near Sokhada Radhu village flowing dangerously end to end. Padra TDO and other officials reached the spot to review the situation and issued a alert to the nearby villages.

The cause way immersed inside 2 foot water which stopped the vehicular movement as the river is flowing above dangerous level. The administration tied ropes in both the way as a precautionary measure. Police and Mamlatdar was intimidated about the situation.


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