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Dehradun to organize the main event on the Yoga Day

Dehradun to organize the main event on the Yoga Day

Yoga Day is one of the recent declarations India has made to the world. Though it is a recent declaration, the amount of recognition it has garnered is massive. In fact, every year the expectations are sky high for the International Yoga Day.

Apart from giving the world an excellent piece of art, yoga has helped India to make its presence felt in the international forum as a promoter of peace and harmony.

International Yoga Day-A throwback

The first ever International Yoga Day was celebrated in June 21, 2015. The first Yoga Day was celebrated at Rajpath, New Delhi. The second, third and fourth yoga day for the years 2016 and 2017 were celebrated consequently at Lucknow and Chandigarh. A lot of business delegates and world leaders participated in the events organized by the Ministries of India. Subsequently, many other prominent cities of the world like New York and Japan's Tokyo too celebrated Yoga Day by conducting a lot of events.

Dehradun is all set to host Internationa Yoga Day

This year 2018, International Yoga Day is all set to happen at Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The place is an undiscovered trove of treasure.

The place is said to be the right mix of both ancient and modern. Dehradun also boasts of being the birth and living place of many educational laureates. It is gifted abundantly by nature. One can see God's beautiful creation everywhere at Dehradun.

There are many prominent educational institutions at Dehradun. The Doon School, LalBahadurShastri National Academy of Administration are to name a few. The Forest Research Institute at Dehradun is one of its kinds in India. It is an educational institution devoted to the learning of forest cover in the country.

There are many rare species of trees in the gangetic plains of North India. The forests also play a vital role in shaping up the economy of a country.

The place is very much large enough to accommodate even a lakh people. Forest Research Institute has been selected owing to the large sprawling lawns of the campus which is very ideal for performing activities like Yoga.

Registrations are pouring in ever since the announcement. Two practice sessions will be held before the main event at Dehradun. The Prime Minister of India will be leading the main event at Dehradun.

The International Yoga day is all set to bring a new dimension to Dehradun. The citizens are eagerly awaiting the event.

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