Arrested two declared five as wanted

Crime branch cracked Mayank Tailor murder case and arrested two involved in the planning. The team declared five as wanted in the case and search is on to arrest them.

Crime branch incharge PI K.J. Dhaduk and his team recieved the information about the other persons involved in the crime and was accommodate in Dash Continental hotel at Karelibaug. The team found the details about one Deepak Makwana and other persons resides in the room no. 208 of the hotel.

The team search and found Deepak Makwana from his house at Randaldham society at Chanakyapuri at New Sama road. During interrogation he said to booked the hotel and along with Samir alias Bunty Ashokbhai Pandya, Chirag Ashokbhai Pandya, Himmat alias Batlo Vaghela from Ahmedabad and another unknown person and party.

During that time the conversation was between them to teach a lesson to a old friend Mayank Tailor for having an affair with Bunty Pandya.

Both planned the murder and Chirag Pandya depute his brother in law Rahul Rathod to keep a watch on Mayank’s daily routine. Based on the information they planned the murder and on 26th September Samir Pandya, Chirag Pandya, Himmat alias Batlo, person from Ahmedabad and Deepak Makwana received the message from Rahul Rathod about Mayank Tailor coming to Kanukaka tea stall at Navabazaar alone and line was clear.

Based on that they get the weapons from one person near Bhutdizampa bus stand and later reached the mentioned spot at Navabazaar and attacked Mayank Tailor with swords and other weapons. They left him in the pool of blood and dumped the weapons near a garbage bin on Sukrawari market road and fled.

The team caught Deepak Makwana and Rahul Rathod and handover them to city police station for further investigation.

Deepak Makwana works as recovery agent in Bajaj finance and earlier arrested in fraud and rioting cases. Rahul Rathod is a tailor and earlier arrested in theft case in city police station.

Police declared Samir alias Bunty Pandya, Chirag Pandya, Himmat Vaghela, unknown person from Ahmedabad and person give weapons for crime as wanted in the matter.


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