Area closed for vehicular treatment condoned from both sides

It’s the all important day which decide the fate of the candidates after the long seven phases election in India. Polytechnic college in Vadodara is also set for the counting process under the watchful eyes of police and para military forces. The area around the centre is also closed for any type of vehicular movement and cordoned from both sides in view of the counting process.

Since morning the police jawans resume their duties to ensure the smooth flow of counting process carries out inside the building. Both sides of the road barricaded by the police and continuously check the area for any outside movements.

Nearly 526 police jawans are on duty which includes 4 ACP, 2 Joint CP, 2 DCP, 18 PI, 49 PSI and 452 ASI, Head Constables, police constables and LRD’s.

The police department also released a notification ban the gathering of four or more persons inside the 200meters area from the counting centre. Parking is also restricted in the area till the counting process completes on the day.


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