Put diversion signboard showing the arrow towards divider to use the road

In one of the example of sheer negligence the contractor put a signboard on heavily traffic Pandya Bridge in Vadodara. The diversion board shows the arrow towards the divider put the riders in delima. The pictures captured on the morning on Tuesday showed the sheer negligence towards the safety of people.

Work is going on the bridge by the corporation and normally the traffic is diverted by the contractor for the smooth flow of vehicles. On Tuesday morning pictures captured on camera showed the sheer negligence on part of the responsible person.

The road towards Genda circle from Pandya bridge is one of the heavily used ones in the city and many times we see accidents happens in the past there. On Tuesday the diversion board put up by the contractor invites the accident to be happen on the spot.

The contractor put a diversion board on the road but as a act of negligence the arrow points towards the divider which put the drivers in delima. The bridge is considered to be accident prone zone and such an act increase the possibilities as the road is used by people throughout the day. The board put the early morning drivers in problem to move towards the other part of the city.


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