Attended by 86 participants comprising transport vendors

Pri. B. I. Patel Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), a constituent centre of Charotar University of Science and Technology, organised a seminar on “Drive Safe, Live Safe” at Charusat Campus. The seminar was attended by more than 86 participants comprising of Transport Vendors namely Bus, Auto Rickshaw, Pool-car Drivers associated with Charusat Family.

The Session under the theme ” Drive Safe, Live Safe ” was initiated by HRDC mainly in view of several ill-fortunate Road Accidents taking place all around. The objective of the seminar was to aware the drivers about the Irrational Driving practices, personal habitats and how to bring in safe driving norms.

The seminar was addressed by Amit Khatri, Road Safety Trainer and Consultant, from Misri Driving School, Ahmedabad. In his session he clearly emphasized on major safety norms that need to be made mandatory with immediate effect like, Use of Seat Belts in Car, absolute avoidance of Cell Phone and other accessories while Driving, and to keep oneself absolutely alert on and off the Road. He also emotionally touched upon the driver’s sense of responsibility in taking the onus of passengers travelling along.

To make this system put in place, he urged upon all the Transport Vendors to adapt to Self Discipline practices by implementation of Safety norms as demonstrated through video clippings in the presentation and by way of reading the manuals published by Road and Transportation Authorities.


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