Inauguration of Critical Care Nurses Society under MTIN

Manikaka Topawala Institute of Nursing since its inception is working towards nurturing such caregivers through quality and conscience education.  Taking it a notch further, the institute added one more feather of accomplishment by inauguration of Critical Nursing Care Unit at MTIN.

Critically ill patients need more caring and specialized services.  The CCNS chapter of MTIN, CHARUSAT aims to nurture such specialist nurses filled with knowledge, skills, attitude and aptitude along with global vision. CCNS envisions to be a place where students are imparted research driven academic and scientific training in the field of critical care nursing.  Through various educational and training programs, meetings, workshops, through affiliations to various nationally and internationally acclaimed institutes and through knowledge and skill upgrading initiatives, CCNS of MTIN is poised to become a platform where students receive an all-encompassing and enlightening education.

CCNS aims to shape its students in to responsible and compassionate care givers who are aware and upgraded with latest finding in the field of medical science with an equal knack to adopt it practically.

Present in tbe inaguration was Principal Dr. Anil Sharma along with dignitaries like Dr. Jaya Kuruvilla, President of Critical Care Nurses Society, Dr. M C Patel, Hon. Secretary, Kelvani Mandal Matrusanstha & CHRF, Dr. B G Patel, Advisor, CHARUSAT and Dr. Pankaj Joshi, Provost, CHARUSAT.  The event was also graced by Surendrabhai Patel, President CHARUSAT Kelvanimandal, Naginbhai Patel, President CHRF and Matrusanstha and Dr. Devang Joshi, Registrar of CHARUSAT.


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