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Indian Railways will have hostesses on luxury trains to offer flight like service

Indian Railways will soon employ hostesses on board trains to provide similar service to that provided by airlines

Indian Railways will have hostesses on luxury trains to offer flight like service

Indian Railways is working hard to improve the passenger experience. Another change is that the Railways is going to hire attendants to look after passengers on its premium trains in the near future.

Passengers on trains including the Vande Bharat, Gatimaan, and Tejas Express can expect attendant service in the near future. Railways would be able to provide airline-like services in trains as a result of this development.

According to a top official, the decision to add hostesses to the train was made to provide better amenities to train passengers. The crew, on the other hand, will not be exclusively female, but will be a mix of men and women.

The service will be confined to Indian Railways' premium trains. On the trains, the personnel will also offer food, similar to how air hostesses do in planes. During the day, however, a female crew member will remain on the train.

Passengers on overnight trains will be served by no hostesses. Indian Railways currently operates 25 premium trains. According to Mint, these trains include 12 Shatabdi, one Gatimaan, two Vande Bharat, and one Tejas Express.

In addition to serving food, hostesses will greet customers and address any complaints they may have about the train's services. In terms of attire, hostesses will be dressed in the same way that railway attendants are.

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