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Best types of Modaks one needs to try this Ganesh Chaturthi

Best types of Modaks one needs to try this Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is a famous festival that is celebrated in India especially in the state of Maharashtra. It is a huge event where people worship Ganesh Ji and welcomes him to their home. Huge feats are arranged in his name and people enjoy this time. One of the sweets that Ganesh Ji enjoys is Modak and it is made in almost all households of Maharashtra during Ganesh Chaturthi. Modaks are shaped like dumplings and they are made with common ingredients like coconut, sugar and rice flour. It is best to make the modaks at your home as it adds a personal touch to it.

Different types of Modaks:

The festival season always calls for tasting new things. So, here are some Modaks that you can try this festival season:

  • Chocolate Modak: Chocolate is a fan favourite among many and some people have already experimented with chocolate and Indian sweets. The chocolate modaks generally are made with a different filling that has a chocolate flavour to it. Some people even dip the modaks in melted chocolate to give them a nice outer layer.
  • Chana dal Modak: Chana dal is quite tasty in itself and you can actually make it into a modak. It is mixed with jaggery, rice flour and other modak making ingredients to give it the taste. Then the mixture is given the shape of a modak and you can steam it to complete the dish. The modaks do taste really good because of the contrasting flavours of the dal and the sugar.
  • Malai Modak: Almost all people love panner because of its creamy and fluffy texture. You can make malai modak at your home and they taste extremely delicious. The combination of condenses milk and paneer just melts in your mouth to give you a feeling of satisfaction.
  • Mawa Modak: Mawa is a tasty ingredient that goes into several Indian dishes. You can actually include it in a modak as well along with a sumptuous amount of dry fruits. Everything will come together very nicely and provide you with the rich milky taste.

So, here are some of the types of Modaks that you can try this Ganesh Chaturthi. Make sure to take out some recipes so that you can make these at your home and enjoy them with your family. These are extremely easy to make and you can also share the love of modak with your family.

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