Fungus inside one month old packed high fibre biscuits

Britannia is a well known company making biscuits and other healthy products for every age people. The company claims to follow every standard procedures in preparing the products but a their high quality fibre biscuit carries a deadly fungus inside.

Shocked! Yes a similar incident came to light in Ankleshwar Gujarat where Britannia High Fibre Nutri Choice biscuits are infected with fungus. The box was one month old and while opening it the customer shocked to found every biscuit is having the black color fungus at the edges.

Company attract the customers with big advertisements and hoardings about the Britannia Nutri Choice biscuits specially made for people like diabetic and senior citizens need fibre in their body. The pack was having the manufacturing date as 12-07-2018 and valid up to six months that means the biscuits inside are good enough to use.

However to the shock the customer found the first biscuit infected with fungus followed by the others having the same at their edges. The fungus can be dangerous and lead to food poisoning if consumed by the people.

As a responsible media house Connect Gujarat complained the thing to the seller from where the biscuit was purchased and to the company about maintaining the quality of their products. We also appealed to the general people not to ignore such things and don’t give infected biscuits to their elders and children.