National Safety Day 2021

200 idols gifted to Ganesh pandals

To inculcate the awareness towards environment and abide traffic rules Chhatra Sansad runs a campaign to make ecofriendly idols and decide to gift them to the local pandals this Ganesh Chaturthi. Total 200 Ganesha idols will be gifted this festival by the group.

The campaign #BacheBoleMorya has been designed to help Vadodara City Police and Vadodara Traffic Police to spread awareness and to encourage people to celebrate Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi and obey traffic rules.

“BacheboleMorya is an initiative to unite people and to spread the message of eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations and to keep Traffic in check while celebrating this beautiful festival. One of our team’s from MSU Fine arts have given a 9 day workshop to 50 underprivileged kids from different backgrounds also including the kids of POP Idol makers. The kids came together to make 101 Eco friendly Ganesh Idols in 9 days with the help of Chhatra Sansad’s fine arts team,” said Kunal Sharma founder of Chhatra Sansad.

About 500 students both underprivileged and privileged ones from 100 different schools registered themselves for the campaign and prepare 200 eco friendly idols. Slogans on road safety are also made by the students in order to spread the message this Ganesh festival.

“Total 200 Eco Friendly Ganesh ldols and Road Safety Slogans will be exhibited on 9th September at VED Transcube (Bus Depot) Atrium and will be gifted to the Ganesh Pandals of Vadodara for free to send out a strong message on usage of Eco friendly Ganesh idols and to keep a check on Road safety while celebrating the popular festival. Chhatra Sansad and Vadodara police also will hand out cash rewards to 3 Ganesh Pandals based on their discipline, cleanliness and management of traffic,” said Sharma.

Traffic police department also looking forward to the initiative in order to spread the message more effectively during the festival.

“Our department always take steps towards traffic awareness and connect religion with civic responsibility is more beneficial for us to spread the message effectively. We always want to aware people by developing emotional connection with them and participate in such a initiative is positive step towards it,” said Yashapal Jaganiya DCP Traffic.



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