National Safety Day 2021

Spreading the message of eco friendly celebration

This year Ganeshotsav is something special in Vadodara as mandals, schools take the concept of saving the environment and design the idols in such a way. A art teacher of a school in the city also taking the responsibility of spreading the message and made Ganesha idols with Jaggery, paper cups and other materials.

Kamlesh Navde teacher of Bright school in Vasna this year made Ganesha idols with materials like jaggery, disposable paper cups to spread the positive message of eco friendly celebration to the society.

“Last year I made Ganesha with around 8000 chalks and then use it in classrooms after the immersion. This year taking the message forward I design Ganesha made of disposable 1151 paper cups, jaggery, charcoal work and paper texture. The idea is to use the jaggery later on in food items and disposable paper cups for liquid items in the school itself. We want to spread the message loud and clear to the people for eco friendly celebration and save our environment for our future generations,” said Navde.


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