Amusement park ride crashed in Ahmedabad


Three died scores injured

It’s a horrific Sunday for the people enjoying the joy ride at famous Kankaria Adventure park as it broke down as killed three people in the evening. The others standing for their chance saw in horror as the ride fell down with a bid thud and screams of people shake them from inside. A probe was ordered in the matter.

As per details the ‘Discovery’ joyride was running in the amusement park having people sitting on the seat. The pendulum like structure suspended on the pole snapped and the the ride crashed down on the ground. The scene was horrific at the spot as blood stained floor, screams fill the air as people rushed to them for rescue.

Three persons are said to be killed in the incident and 31 injured with some serious injuries as they are admitted to LG hospital for treatment. The negligence of the organizers came to light in the matter and a probe was ordered about the licence and approval to operate the ride. FSL team is also checking the maintenance part of the joyride.

As per reports the organizers were told to make changes in the ride and also for servicing by technical expert. The lock and bolts were mentioned to be changed but the organiser in a sheer act of negligence continue the ride which killed two people. Police caught ride owners and further investigating in the matter.


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