Living a happy and peaceful life post retirement

It’s a heaven away from home for the retired senior citizens living in a peaceful environment away from the ever running city life of Vadodara. On the outskirts of the city situated a society called ‘Athashree’ residency known for its residents living there. All of them retired from top posts in their careers and living a happy and peaceful life away from city. Their children visited them to spend some relaxing holidays in between pure and open environment.

One of the residents Manjula Bhagatwala originally from Delhi said, she came here to live a pure life away from all the pollution from the city. She is 75 years old and now feels her age will increase due to the pure environment in the area. They all lives like a family there and celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm. They all wait for the evening every day to gather at the garden and club house to interact and share everything. They spend the day with happiness and peace which helps them to live there for the rest of their lives.

Another resident Sharad Chiplunkar is a flute player and mesmerized every one during the Independence day celebration. He plays flute on the patriotic songs and get the appreciation from everyone at the end of his performance.

All the residents lives there with no differences with each other and stand alongside everyone in the time of need. They celebrate all the festivals all through the year collectively and with great enthusiasm. They also celebrate the birthdays and marriage anniversaries of the society members just like a festival. They celebrate Janmashtami recently and now preparing for the upcoming Ganeshotsav.

In the lap of nature the senior citizens are living a wonderful life there with having all the ultramodern facilities inside their houses. Society manager Dr. Saloni said there are about 150 flats in the Athashree residency and almost all are full. People are coming to inquire about the remaining ones and coming to live there. Presently 25 flats are occupied by the senior citizens consists of IAS C.S. Balal, bank officer Prashant Pradhan, bank officer Nita Tamne, Bayer company former MD and society president Ambalal Patel, builder Pradeep Parikh, advocate, principal, captain, CA and many others.


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