A Gau Palak gone extreme and fight with VMSS cattle party to free his cow


Abused the team threaten to kill the cow

A Gau Palak went extreme level and fight with the VMSS cattle party to free his cow. The dramatic scene happened on Thursday night as he abused the team and even threaten to kill the cow if they don’t release her immediately. The encroachment team inspector gives a police complaint in this regard after the arguments.

Gau Palak Mehul Rabbari was irate after the VMSS cattle party caught his cow from gate no.2 of the Corporation office. He abused the members and tries to free the cow and as a result she fell on the road. But he didn’t stop there and even hit the cow with the stick.

Corporation encroachment department inspector Yashwant Shinde said they found the cow from near the gate no.2 of the Corporation office and the team caught her and put inside the trailer. However around 9pm on Thursday the Gau Palak Mehul Rabbari residing in Shiyabaug rushed to them and tried to free the cow. He then started abusing the team members and threaten them.

A police complaint was registered in this regard at Navapura police station. The VMSS team not released the cow and further investigation is on in the matter.


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