Western Railway once again became the Proud Pioneer by claiming top slots for its 8 major stations in national cleanliness survey. Surat, Andheri, Virar, Naigaon, Kandivali, Borivali, Santacruz and Udhna, in two categories of National Cleanliness report took slots as declared by Ministry of Railways on 2nd October,2019.

According to a press release issued by WR CPRO Ravinder Bhakar, these stations have found prominent places in the All India third party audit and cleanliness survey ranking of 407 major stations. In Non Suburban (NSG)- 1 category of stations, Surat station tops the list over the Indian Railways while in Non Suburban (NSG) category 2 stations of WR, Udhna and Surat stations were in the list with ranking 16th  & 18th ranking respectively.

In the SG category of stations, 6 stations of WR in first top 10 rank. Exclusively,  the top four spots were bagged by stations of W. Rly’s Mumbai Division, namely Andheri, Virar, Naigaon and Kandivali respectively while Borivali and Santacruz secured 9th & 10th position respectively over Indian Railways.

As per the set criteria, in NSG 1 category, 21 stations with a footfall of over 20 million passengers and earning over 500 crore were ranked accordingly to their cleanliness parameters. In NSG category, total score is out of 1000 in which process evaluation, direct observation and citizens feedback weighs each 33.333% of the total score. While in SG 1 category, 35 stations with a footfall of over 30 million passengers and earning over 25 crore were ranked accordingly to their cleanliness parameters.

Indian Railways has been conducting third party audit and cleanliness ranking of 407 major stations since 2016. This has initiated a healthy sense of competition amongst stations to maintain and improve cleanliness. This year scope has been expended from 407 stations to 720 stations. Suburban stations have been included first time in this competition. Evaluation of green efforts has also been added in this report. Andheri, Virar & Naigaon are the top three rankers among the 109 stations.

Indian Railways comprises of more than eight thousand stations. These stations were categorized with criteria of footfall and earning. In this categorization, the stations have been re-categorized based on type and have been clubbed into three groups of Non – Suburban (NS), Suburban(S) and Halt(H). Considering the significance of Non – Suburban and suburban stations in therm of revenue and footfall  NSG1, NSG2, NSG3, NSG 4 and SG1, SG2 Respectively for the purpose of assessment and ranking.



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