ARIES – Your willingness to help each and everyone will leave you tired and exhausted. You will possess a desire to earn quick money. Give proper time to your family. Let them feel that you care for them. Sped your quality time with them. Don’t give any chance to complain. A lonely phase that has been gripping you for long time ends-as you seem to find your soul mate. Successful day for those in the creative fields as they receive long awaited fame and recognition. Efforts made to improve your looks and personality will turn out to your satisfaction. Today, you will spend the best time of your life with your spouse.

Taurus You have to control the way you feel. Someone with big plans and ideas will catch your attention- Verify the credibility and authenticity of the person before making any investments. Health of your spouse may cause reason for stress and anxiety Try harder you will definitely be luckier as it is your day today. Great day to implement new projects and plans. You will make commitment to the people who look up to you for help. The day will show the extremity of your partner’s romantic side today.

GEMINI – Your childlike nature will surface and you will be in a playful mood. Surplus money should be invested in real estate. Unexpected good news from distant relatives will bring happy moments for the entire family. Your tears may be wiped by a special friend. Do not sign any business/legal document without reading between the lines. If you have been waiting for a long time for interesting things to happen in your life- then you are sure to find some relief. You might get an amazing surprise for your marital pleasures.

CANCER – Creative work will keep you relaxed. Real estate investment would be lucrative. Good time for entering a matrimonial alliance. Love is just like spring; flowers, air, sunshine, butterflies. You will feel the romantic tickle today. This is an excellent time for developing professional contacts in other countries. Choose your words with care when interacting with important people. Love making is at its best when you can feel the emotional bond with your life-partner.

LEO – You are unable to make any progress because of your pessimistic attitude. It is high time for you to realise that worry has retarded your thinking power. Look at the brighter side and you will see a definite change in your discretion. Today financial losses seem likely if you invest on the words of others. You should take a break from your daily schedule and go out with your friends today. You can experience the pain of love. Opportunities to show your skills will be with you today. A spiritual leader or an elder provides guidance. Your bad mood will be lifted up by your life-partner with some special surprises.

VIRGO – Your mind will be receptive to the good things. Control your tendency to live for the day and to spend too much time and money on entertainment. Family front could be problematic. Your negligence of family responsibilities may invite their ire. You will get to taste the rich chocolate of love today. Support from seniors as well as colleagues at workplace lifts your morale. Favourable planets will bring you plenty of reasons to feel pleased today. Eyes tell it all, and you are going to have an emotional eye-to-eye talk with your spouse today.

LIBRA :-  You will find yourself with less energy than you generally do-Don’t overload yourself with additional work-Take some rest and reschedule your appointments for another day. You will be presented with many new financial schemes today-Weigh the pros and cons carefully before making any commitment. You should avoid controversial issues that could cause arguments with loved ones. Experience pious and pure love. New assignments undertaken would fall short of expectations. If travelling make sure you carry all-important documents. Your spouse will put efforts in making you happy today.

SCORPIO Smile as it is best antidote for all your problems. You will come up with brilliant new ideas that will bring financial gains. Relatives/friends drop by for a wonderful evening. Good day for romance. Your rivals at work will get the result of their bad deeds today. Efforts made to improve your looks and personality will turn out to your satisfaction. Lack of support from your better half in a tough time will lead you to disappointment.

SAGGITARIUS – Your enormous confidence and easy work schedule brings you enough time to relax today. New sources of income will generate through people you know. Some of you are likely to purchase jewelry or a home appliance. One-sided infatuation will only bring you heartache. New ideas would be productive. Today is one of those days when things will not move the way you want. Your spouse might feel unimportant today due to your hectic schedule, and he/she might show the displeasure in the evening.

CAPRICON-  Try to control your impulsive and stubborn nature especially in the party as it may spoil the mood in the party. You are likely to earn through most unexpected sources. Health of your spouse might cause some worry. Not a very good day from romance as you are unable to find real love. If you should be going on a days leave then do not worry- as things will run smoothly in your absence- If- for some strange reason- there’s a problem- you’ll fix it easily when you return. A spiritual leader or an elder provides guidance. Your spouse might doubt your loyalty due to your hectic schedule, but the end of the day he/she will understand and give you a hug.

 AQUARIUS – Start meditation and yoga for physical gain especially mental toughness. Pending issues become murkier and expenses cloud your mind. Work tensions cloud your mind leaving no time for family and friends. Today, you will realize that love is the substitute to everything. Successful day for those in the creative fields as they receive long awaited fame and recognition. Not a very good day for traveling. Things might come into your favor amazingly when it comes on your married life.

PISCES –  Engage yourself in some creative work. Your sitting idle habit could prove fatal for mental peace. A new financial deal will get finalized and fresh money rolls in. Your knowledge and good humour would impress people around you. Unexpected romantic inclination. You will make great strides in your career if you move around with influential people. Tension filled day when several differences might crop up with close associates. It is a “go-mad” day today! You will reach the extrimity of love and romance with your spouse.



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