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Hobby to Profit: 5 Entrepreneurs Turned Passion into Business

Hobby to Profit: 5 Entrepreneurs Turned Passion into Business

Every now and then we read business breaking news, which can be as positive as giving you Goosebumps to kick-start your entrepreneurship journey. in this article Top 5 interesting entrepreneur success stories Turned Passion into Business.

Top 5 Entrepreneurs Turned Passion into Business (Entrepreneur Success Stories)

Qwerty Thoughts


Founded by a husband and wife because of their deep passion for books and reading! It is a network of keen readers that allows members to read books, publish their write-ups and discuss the books. The readers usually comment about almost every paragraph they read in the books to share their perspectives. It was launched officially this year only and has 6000 registered members from India, the USA, Germany, and the UK. The project is funded by the founders with 8 lakh and going really well. It has 40,000 per month traffic and hosts 1500 books in different languages.



If you love coffee, you will love this one of the most inspiring entrepreneur success stories. It started by two friends Aharnish and Manideep in 2004 when they quit their corporate jobs to follow their passion for the coffee business. They started with a B2B business and realized a huge gap in the retail market. To fill in this gap, in 2014, they founded BiziBean and the third friend Raj Singh joined the duo to spread locally sourced, roasted, and blended coffee in the retail market. The company made the business news headlines when it raised a fund of 2 crore INR from angel investors. It has its outlets and stores in 13 different cities in India.

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Lalit and Manik founded a company out of their love for books. They also have a Facebook page and a group. The members of Vowelor can discuss books and authors and also publish their books, articles, and poems. The company has a total of 80,000 members till now and soon they are going to launch a mobile app to boost member expansion.



Srihari and Shrinidhi Karanth, twin brothers, shared the same passion for web and mobile apps. Being engineers, they worked in different companies and made many apps. Finally, to make some business breaking news headlines, they embarked journey led by their passion for Smartphone security. It started in 2014 with an app that takes a picture of the person who tries to unlock the phone and fails multiple times and sends the picture to the phone owner. The app garnered 15-20,000 daily downloads and really featured in the app business news headlines. The twins then founded a company and developed and launched 20 other apps focusing on parental control, remote monitoring, antitheft and women’s safety.

Make It Happen


Maria Victor, a passionate travel lover, turned her hobby into a profit-making business. She created a community of like-minded travel lovers who share culture and other unconventional facts about different tourist destinations. Later in 2014, she moved her focus towards only one yet the most happening tourism and party destination in India, Goa. The company has made 5000 bookings and growing really fast.

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