ARIES – It is right time for the heart patients to quit coffee. Any further use would put unnecessary pressure on your heart. Surplus money should be invested in real estate. Your ability to impress others will bring rewards. Time to refresh your friendship by reminding good times you shared. If you should be going on a days leave then do not worry- as things will run smoothly in your absence- If- for some strange reason- there’s a problem- you’ll fix it easily when you return. Boundless creativity and enthusiasm leads you to another beneficial day. Your spouse had never been so awesome. You might get a nice surprise from the love of your life.

Taurus – Tension at home would make you angry. Suppressing them would only increase physical problem. Get rid of it with physical activity. It is better to leave the irritating situation. All commitments and financial transactions need to be handled carefully. Domestic work keeps you busy most of the time. Likely to be rewarded for fair and generous love. Added knowledge that you acquire today would give you an edge when dealing with peers. Don’t be eager to let others know how you feel today. The day might become one of the best days of your married life.

GEMINI – Pressure from seniors at workplace and discord at home might bring some stress- which would disturb your concentration at work. New sources of income will generate through people you know. A day full of happiness when spouse makes efforts to give joy. Lovers will excessively be considerate of family feelings. Fresh problems will surface for you at workplace-especially if you don’t handle things diplomatically. Perfect time to put new ideas into test. Marriage had never been so wonderful before than today.

CANCER – Chances of recovering from physical illness on the card. You will possess a desire to earn quick money. A letter by post brings happy news for the entire family. Love is in the air for you. Just look around, everything is pink. Be honest and to the point in your approach-Your determination will get noticed and so will your skills. Stay away from gossip and rumours. Life is going to be really wonderful today because your spouse has planned something special.

LEO –  You should spend your extra time in pursuing your hobbies or doing things that you enjoy the most. Investment should be avoided today. A close relative might demand more attention but would be supportive and caring. You will have difficulty trying to make your mate understand your position. New ideas would be productive. Today people will pass compliments-which you have always wanted to hear. An old issue might crop up in between you two during a humorus discussion, which will eventually convert into an argument.

VIRGO – Start meditation and yoga for physical gain especially mental toughness. You will be in the mood to travel and spend money- but you will be sorry if you do. Watch out what you say when you are in a group-You could be severely criticized for your impulsive remarks. Today, you will know that your love partner is the one who will love you till eternity. Pending projects and plans move to take a final shape. Today you would be full of good ideas and your choice of activities will bring you gains far beyond your expectations. Your and spouse will quarrel over small issues but this might ruin your marriage on a long term basis. Be careful not to trust what others say or suggest.

LIBRA : –  Expectant mother should take especial care while walking on floor and if possible don?t stand with a friend while he is smoking as it could badly affect the unborn child. You will make good money today- but try not to let it slip through your fingers. Concentrating on the need of your family members should be your priority today. Those engaged will find their fiancée a source of great happiness. Do not make any commitment unless you are sure of honoring it. You need to take extra care of your luggage if you are travelling today. Today, you will realize that your marriage had never been so beautiful.

SCORPIO – Motivate yourself to be more optimistic. It increases confidence and flexibility but at the same time prepare it to leave negative emotions like fear hatred jealousy revenge. You will be presented with many new financial schemes today-Weigh the pros and cons carefully before making any commitment. Grandchildren would be a source of immense pleasure. You are going to make your life worthy by giving pleasure and forgiving for past mistakes. Everyone will love and support you at work today. Boundless creativity and enthusiasm leads you to another beneficial day. After a long time, you and your partner will spend a peaceful day together with no fights and arguments, but only love.

SAGGITARIUS – Friends will introduce you to somebody special who would have a remarkable influence on your thoughts. You could find yourself in an exciting new situation-which will also bring you financial gains. Your knowledge and good humour would impress people around you. Personal relationships are sensitive and vulnerable. Today you will have the stamina and the know-how to raise your earning power. Tax and insurance matters will need some attention. Your spouse might affect your reputation a little bit adversely today.

CAPRICON-  Likely to face some setbacks. Don?t lose heart but work harder to get desired results. Let these setbacks be the stepping stones. Relative will also help at the time of crisis. You will make some extra cash today if you play your cards well. People close might take undue advantage of you- if you behave extra generous. Your love could invite disapproval. Although some opposition will arise from people who are working at the senior level- still- it will be important for you to keep a cool head. Today people will pass compliments-which you have always wanted to hear. If you didn’t ask your spouse before creating any plan today, you might get an adverse reaction.

AQUARIUS – Maintain your mental health-which is prerequisite for spiritual life. Mind is the gateway of life because everything whether it is good/bad comes through mind. It helps in solving life problems and endows one with requisite light. Certain important work will come to a halt due to bleak financial position. Do not make quick judgment about people and their motives-They might be under pressure and need your compassion and understanding. Likely to feel the presence in absence of your partner. If you should be going on a days leave then do not worry- as things will run smoothly in your absence- If- for some strange reason- there’s a problem- you’ll fix it easily when you return. Good day to visit a lawyer to take some legal advice. You know what, your spouse is truly your angel. Don’t believe us? Observe and experience it today.

PISCES – Do not allow the feeling of frustration overtake you. Sudden inflow of funds takes care of your bills and immediate expenses. An old contact might create some problems for you Wedding bells for some while others will find romance to keep them in high spirits. Your determination and confidence will be high and you will perform better than expected. If travelling make sure you carry all-important documents. Your married life is all about fun, pleasure, and bliss today.



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