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2nd day Sayaji Startup Summit focus on sectors IT, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics

2nd day Sayaji Startup Summit focus on sectors IT, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics

Special lecture by Swami Parmanand Saraswati

The second day of Sayaji Startup Summit began with the pitching session for participants with a business plan in the sectors like IT, IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Enterprise-Tech and Fin-Tech. A special lecture of Swami Parmanand Saraswati was also held on the second day of the summit.

Swamiji talked about no endeavor in life that has not begun with faith and every new born who explores the journey of birth itself is a startup.

"Challenging our self that helps you identifying your hidden strength. A new born is like a blank page who has no fear to take risk, fear to meet new ones, fear of exploring new things. All of us are born entrepreneur. Mother implants fear, society implants fear. Unfortunate part of life is elders keep implanting fears in kid’s mind. Over concern and over support makes a child weak and dependent. They themself never dares to challenges the norms of society. With money or without money, with power or without power, you must deal with the situation with sense of confidence. “When you have a proper belief, you grow more.” said Swamiji.

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A panel discussion followed afterwards where Rajat Singhaniya, Sajid Malek, Deepen Barai and Ravi Nambiar as the panelist. The discussion talked about IOT sector and the panels said about the relevance of this sector as interacting & connecting point of view.

Next, they talked about Blockchain as the most innovative and informative techniques and creating architecture. They further added that It’s also a big boom for logistic and Information technology is evolving human. Internet today plays a role of moderator that is connecting you through the world. Lastly, technology can be put to use but there are restrictions on how long to use. All these technology is combing these days but data is the game.

The workshop on 'How to Innovate', was also held during the summit by speaker Vikas Chawda an Innovation Expert at National Innovation Council / Founder & CEO - Quantum Leap. He talked about Innovation, Idea-input, Creativity-process, productivity-output. According to him, you don’t need a person to operate a plant, people and employee needs to be creative.

After the workshop session then starts the Learning from Books Session where Nirav Majumdar invited as the speaker and the book for the day is "Zero to One". Nirav Majumdar is Founder My Saarthi (Training & Coaching Firm)

Co-founder Mideas Labs (Business Consultants)

Executive Board - MS University - Institute of Leadership & Governance,

Empanelled Trainer - Collabera Tact,

Empanelled Trainer - SPIPA, Vadodara,

Regular Trainer Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited - Dahej, Yuvalay - Vadodara.

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