ARIES – Maintain your mental health-which is prerequisite for spiritual life. Mind is the gateway of life because everything whether it is good/bad comes through mind. It helps in solving life problems and endows one with requisite light. Use what you already have before rushing out to buy more. Organize an evening with friends as well as family members. Your sweetheart is going to become your living angel today; cherish the moments. Today with luck on your side you gain because you happen to be in the right place and at the right time. Your communication skills would be impressive. Love, kisses, hugs, and fun, the day is all about romace with your better-half.

Taurus – Friends supportive and will keep you happy. Investment in antiques and jewelry will bring gains and prosperity. For some- a new arrival in the family brings in moments for celebration and party. Love is always soulful, and you will experience this today. At work, you might experience a good change. If travelling make sure you carry all-important documents. There are chances that tensions between you and your spouse will escalate and it might not turn out to be good for your relationship in long term.

GEMINI – Health will remain fine despite a busy schedule. Even though funds will slip easily through your fingers- your lucky stars will keep the finances flowing. Assist your wife in domestic chores to lessen her workload. It would encourage the sense of sharing and happiness. Today, you will realize that love is the substitute to everything. Adapt to new techniques to increase your work efficiency-Your style and unique ways of doing things will interest people who are watching you closely. Good day to visit a lawyer to take some legal advice. You are going to feel the richest in the world, as your better half is going to treat you like the one.

CANCER – Don’t force and compel people to do things for you. Think in terms of other’s want and interest that will give you unlimited happiness. Today you should focus on issues related to land, real estate, or cultural projects. Work in close coordination to bring harmony in your home. You may burn slowly but steadily in love. You would have high energy which you should put towards professional endeavors. Loss or theft may occur if you are careless with your belongings. You might struggle in the morning to get ready due to power-cut or something else, but your spouse will come to your rescue.

LEO – You are likely to spend your time in sports to maintain your physical stamina. Long pending arrears and dues will finally be recovered. Your stubborn nature could mar the peace of your parents. You need to give heed to their advice. Better to be obedient to save all from offending. Your limitless love is very valuable for your beloved. You might get a good news at work today. Make changes that could enhance your appearance and attract potential partners. Your spouse is truly your angel, and you will know this today.

VIRGO – Your jealous behaviour may make you sad and depressed. But it is a self-inflicted injury so there is no need to lament about this. Motive yourself to get rid this by sharing other’s joy and unhappiness. Improvement in finances is certain. Children help you complete household jobs. Absence of love may be felt today. Great day to implement new projects and plans. Take advantage of your enormous confidence and go out and make some new contacts and friends. Domestic help might not come on work today, which might create stress with your life-partner.

LIBRA :- Your personality will act like a perfume today. Pending issues become murkier and expenses cloud your mind. A favorable day for domestic matters and finishing pending household jobs. Today you will feel the fragrance of your friend in his absence. Good day to send your resume or appear for an interview. Choose your words with care when interacting with important people. This day is like the spring of your life; full of romance, just you and your better-half.

SCORPIO – Religious feelings will arise making you visit a religious place to seek some divine knowledge from a holy person. Investment made today will enhance your prosperity and financial security. Some of you are likely to purchase jewelry or a home appliance. One-sided infatuation will only bring you heartache. Tempers will mount if you are too pushy at work- Try to understand the need of others before you take any decisions. Avoid being too spendthrift if you go for shopping. Things might go out of your control in your married life today.

SAGGITARIUS – Children will brighten your evening. Plan a nice dinner to adieu a dull and hectic day. Their company would recharge your body. Finances will definitely get a boost- but at the same time expenditures too will be on the rise. There may be opportunities to attend social functions- which would bring you in close contact with influential people. Love life going to take a turn for the better as you develop a good You might get the kind of work today in office, which you always wanted to do. Communication will be your strong point today. Your efforts to make the marital life better will show you the colors better than expectations today.

CAPRICON-  Take rest and try to relax as much as possible between work. You will make money if you put your savings into conservative investments. Short trip to the relative brings moment of comfort and relaxation from your daily hectic schedule Plan something special for the evening and try to make it as romantic as possible. You have leadership qualities and sensitivity about people’s needs- An emphasis on expressing your true self will help you win favours in a big way. Your competitive nature will enable you to win any contest you enter. Your partner might do something fabulous unintentionally, which will be really unforgettable.

AQUARIUS – Avoid overeating and visit a health club regularly to stay fit. You will possess a desire to earn quick money. Good time to get involved into activities that include youngsters. Love is limitless, love is boundless; you must have heard these things before. But today, you will experience it. You will make beneficial career changes if you present yourself in a professional manner. Unexpected travel for some proves to be hectic and stressful. The world might doom today, but you won’t be able to come out of the arms of your life-partner.

PISCES –  Support of highly influential people will give a big boost to your moral. It’s another high-energy day and unexpected gains are foreseen. Gift from an overseas relative will make you happy. Romance rules your heart and mind. You could ruin your project if you are too open about your plans. Tax and insurance matters will need some attention. Do not push your partner for anything; this will only make you both distant at heart.



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