ARIES – Be an optimistic and look at the brighter side. Your confident expectations open the door for realization of your hopes and desires. Investment in stocks and mutual funds recommended for long-term gains. Children may bring in some overwhelming news Check the past few statuses of your love partner’s social media, you will get a beautiful surprise. Your ability to do extra work will dazzle those who are slow in their performance. Choose your words with care when interacting with important people. You might spend a really wonderful evening with your spouse today

Taurus – You might feel slightly run-down mentally and physically- A little rest and nutritious food will go a long way in lifting your energy. Be secretive about your investments and about your future goals. Give priorities to the needs of family members. Involve yourself to share their joy and sorrow to realize them that you care for them. Interference of others will cause frictions. Your cooperative attitude and analytical skills will be noticed. If travelling make sure you carry all-important documents. The demands of your spouse might give you some stress.

GEMINI – Health can bloom by sharing happiness with others. Use your innovative idea to make some extra money. Enjoy a peaceful and quiet day with family members-If people approach you with problems- Ignore them and don’t let this bother your mind. Romantic evening filled with beautiful gifts and flowers for some. Tempers will mount if you are too pushy at work- Try to understand the need of others before you take any decisions. Tours and travel would bring pleasure and would be highly educating. Your spouse will remind you the time of your teenage today along with some notorious stuff.

CANCER – Pessimistic attitude should be avoided because it will not only minimise your chances but will also disturb the harmony of body as well. New moneymaking opportunities will be lucrative. Invitation in a award function of your child would be the source of happiness. You would likely to see your dream coming true as he lives upto your expectations. Don’t wear those clothes which your lover doesn’t like as it may offend him. Travelling will bring you new business opportunities. Travel will be beneficial but expensive. Your married life is no fun these days; talk to your partner and plan something really cool.

LEO – Hectic work schedule may make you short-tempered. You could find yourself in an exciting new situation-which will also bring you financial gains. Let family tension not divert your attention. Bad times give us much more. Don’t waste the moment indulging in self-pity but try and know life lessons. You can brighten your love life by visiting some picnic spot. You will find that you are able to clear up a number of small but important pending jobs today. Efforts made to improve your looks and personality will turn out to your satisfaction. The day is really great for your married life. Let your partner know how much you love him/her.

VIRGO – Throw away the gloom- which is enveloping you and disrupting your progress. Investment in stocks and mutual funds recommended for long-term gains. In a happy-energetic-loving mood-your jovial nature brings joy and happiness to those around you. May find someone to experience the ecstasy of love. Business partners behave supportive and you work together to complete pending jobs. Loss or theft may occur if you are careless with your belongings. The day is really romantic. With nice food, fragrances, happiness, you will spend an amazing time with your better-half.

LIBRA :- Maintain your mental health-which is prerequisite for spiritual life. Mind is the gateway of life because everything whether it is good/bad comes through mind. It helps in solving life problems and endows one with requisite light. Incase you are looking for ways to make little extra money- invest in secure financial schemes. You will have limited patience today-but take care as harsh or imbalance words might upset people around you. Your heart beats will play the music of love in rhythm with your partner today. Lectures and seminars that you attend today will bring new ideas for growth. Resist associating with people that will harm your reputation. Today, you might get something in the morning, which will make your entire day amazing.

SCORPIO – Today you will have ample of the time to do things to improve your health and looks You will make some extra cash today if you play your cards well. If you are planning to have a party then invite your best friends- There will be lot of people who will be cheering you up. Don’t worry like ice your sorrow will melt today. You need to put your intelligence and influence to sort matters at work. Traveling would be pleasurable and highly beneficial. After so many being-mean days, you and your spouse will fell for each other again.

SAGGITARIUS – Your personal problems may ruin mental happiness but involve yourself in some mental exercise by reading something interesting to cope up these pressures. Good day for real estate and financial transactions. Guests crowd your house for a pleasant and wonderful evening. Likely to go on a pleasure trip that will rejuvinate your energy and passion. Your internal strength will equally support you in making the day awesome at work. A sparkling laughter filled day when most things proceed-as you desire. Today, you will get to spend the best evening of your life with your spouse.

CAPRICON-  Your biggest asset is your sense of humour try to use it to cure your illness. Today’s formula for success is to put your money on the advice of people who are innovative and hold good experience. Your careless attitude will make parents worry. You need to take them in confidence before starting any new project. Unexpected romantic inclination will cloud your mind towards the evening. If you feel that you can handle important jobs without the assistance of others then you are highly mistaken. Efforts made to improve your looks and personality will turn out to your satisfaction. Your spouse will do something really special for you today.

AQUARIUS – Health will be perfect despite a hectic day. Investment in antiques and jewelry will bring gains and prosperity. Purchase of essential items for the kitchen keeps you busy in the evening. Likely to be rewarded for fair and generous love. Pressure at work and home might make you short-tempered. Unexpected travel for some proves to be hectic and stressful. Your spouse will come to you with some beautiful words today describing your value in his/her life.

PISCES –  Your are likely to enjoy the success of other people by praising them. Increase in income from past investment is foreseen. Domestic life will be peaceful and adorable You would spread love pollution today. You will get lot of satisfaction today when you complete a project- which you started long ago. Unexpected travel for some proves to be hectic and stressful. You will experience the best day of your married life today.



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