18 April- Know your today’s horoscope

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    Aries: Your childlike nature will surface and you will be in a playful mood. Money position improves as delayed payments are recovered. A close relative might demand more attention but would be supportive and caring. One-sided infatuation will only bring you heartache. Today, students should avoid postponing their work until tomorrow, and complete their tasks in free time. This will prove to be beneficial for you. Your spouse might affect your reputation a little bit adversely today. You will understand the significance of delicious dishes and cuisines, as some can get prepared at your house today.

    Taurus : You are likely to spend your time in sports to maintain your physical stamina. You are very likely to attain financial benefits today, but you must perform charity and make donations, as it will acquire mental peace. Don’t waste the moment indulging in self-pity but try and know life lessons. Your love story can take a new turn today, in which your partner can discuss the prospect of marriage with you. In this case, you must consider every aspect before taking any decision. Today, you can feel happy to find an old item at home and spend the whole day cleaning that stuff. Your life partner might care extra for you like an angel today. In order to eliminate your life problems, you can meet a psychologist today.

    Gemini : Don’t get nervous and lose your confidence as you meet some high profile persons. It is as essential for good health as capital for business. A new financial deal will get finalized and fresh money rolls in. Time spent with family- children and friends will be vital to regenerate your energy. Your courage would win the love. You can watch a movie in your spare time. However, you’ll feel like you have wasted your time by watching this movie as you won’t like it. Your spouse is truly your angel, and you will know this today. You might have a ball with friends after a long time, but do not neglect your health.

    Cancer: Health will remain fine despite a busy schedule but don’t take your life for granted realize that the care for life is the real vow. Today will prove to be economically better than the rest of the days and you will earn enough money. Family obligations require immediate attention. Negligence on your part could prove costly. One-sided infatuation will prove disastrous today. You have to learn to utilize your free time or else you will be left behind in life. Your spouse might become insensitive toward your health today. Today, your enthusiastic style of working may impress your co-workers.

    Leo: Try to avoid long journey as you are too weak to travel. Wise investments will only fetch returns- therefore be sure where you put your hard-earned money. Concentrating on the need of your family members should be your priority today. People who are still single are likely to meet someone special today. But before moving forward, just be clear about that person’s relationship status. Today you can spend some quality time with your spouse by taking a break from your work. Looks like you and your spouse are getting enough time to make love today. You should have complete information about the work you are assigning to someone.

    Virgo : Do not allow the feeling of frustration overtake you. Investment in stocks and mutual funds recommended for long-term gains. You should get involved into activities that help you come in contact with people who have similar taste. Likely to be rewarded for fair and generous love. Rituals/hawans/auspicious ceremonies will be performed at home. Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars, but it’s the day when Venus and Mars will melt into each other. Gardening may give you feeling of relaxation – it is important for environment too.

    Libra : Motivate yourself to be more optimistic. It increases confidence and flexibility but at the same time prepare it to leave negative emotions like fear hatred jealousy revenge. The court will make decisions in your favour today if you were involved in a case regarding money-related matters. It will benefit you financially. Do not behave rigid with your family- as it may mar the peace. Likely to go on a pleasure trip that will rejuvinate your energy and passion. Your communication techniques and working skills will be impressive. Marriage will reach to its best today in your life. You might give way to foodie in you, and savor many delicacies. You may also visit a restaurant where exotic cuisine is served.

    Scorpio : You need to control your emotions and get rid of your fear as early as possible, as chances of instantaneously affecting your health and a stumbling block in your way of enjoying good health are high on the card. You can acquire money from an unknown source today, which will resolve many of your financial troubles. Your timely help would save someone to experience misfortune. Travel will promote romantic connection. Not giving time to important tasks and passing your time over useless things can prove fatal for you today. Life will be really exciting when your spouse will come to you forgetting all the tiffs, embracing you with love. Your father can bring a special gift for you today.

    Sagittarius : You would get relief from the tensions and strains of life which you have been experiencing for long. It is right time to change your life style to permanently keep them a bay. Today, you may have to spend a lot of money on your mother or father’s health. This will, though, deteriorate your financial condition but also strengthen the relationship. Your brother will be more supportive to your needs than you had thought. Those engaged will find their fiancée a source of great happiness. Charity and social work will attract you today-You can make enormous difference if you give your time for noble cause. If you were craving for the love of your spouse, the day will bless you. Daydreaming is not that bad, provided you generate some creative ideas out of it. And you may do this today, as you have ample time.

    Capricorn :   Health can bloom by sharing happiness with others. Those who have borrowed money from anyone may have to repay the loan under any circumstances. In such a manner, it can weaken your economic situation. Friends will brighten up your day as they plan out something exciting for the evening. Don’t act like a slave in love affair. Your partner only wants to spend some time with you, but you’re unable to fulfil their wish, thereby upsetting them. Today, you’ll witness their frustration clearly. Too much expectations today might lead you toward sadness in married life. Your worries may prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest today.

    Aquarius : Your jolly nature will keep others happy. Simply ignore those who approach you for temporary loans. By sharing your problems with your family members, you feel lightheaded. However, your ego doesn’t allow you to share numerous important things, which is not right. Doing so will only increase the troubles. Try not to say anything harsh to your beloved-otherwise you may have to repent later. The beginning of the day may be a little tiring, but as the day progresses, you will start getting good results. At the end of the day, you will be able to find time for yourself and put it to use by meeting someone close to you. Your spouse might tell you some not-so-good things about being with you today. Today, you will talk in a friendly manner with your father. Your conversations will make him happy.

    Pisces :  Chances of your recovering from physical illness are high which will enable you to participate in sports competition. A new financial deal will get finalized and fresh money rolls in. Push problems off your mind and concentrate on improving your position both at home and amongst friends. Eyes never lie, and your partner’s eyes will tell you something really special today. Your competitive nature will enable you to win any contest you enter. You will be lead down by your partner and this might force you break the marriage. Meeting a beautiful stranger on the trip can make you gain good experiences.


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