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    15 October – Know your today’s horoscope

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    Aries:Keep your diet under control and exercise to stay fit. Your financial state doesn’t seem to be favourable today, which is why you’ll find it difficult to save money. A close relative might demand more attention but would be supportive and caring. Disappointment in love would not discourage you. Those connected with art and theatre will find several new opportunities to give their creative best. Choose your words with care when interacting with important people. Rude behavior of your spouse might take a toll on you today.

    Taurus :If you haven’t been taking sufficient rest then you will feel extremely tired and will need extra rest. Be secretive about your investments and about your future goals. Unexpected good news from distant relatives will bring happy moments for the entire family. Erratic behaviour of your darling might make your mood upset. Be honest and to the point in your approach-Your determination will get noticed and so will your skills. Your personality is slightly different from others, and you like to spend time alone. Today, you will get time for yourself, but will be occupied by office work. Some of your works might get hampered today due to the disturbed health of your spouse.

    Gemini :Building castle in the air won?t help you. You should do something to live upto family’s expectations. Your dedication and hard work will get noticed and will bring some financial rewards for you today. Friends will brighten up your day as they plan out something exciting for the evening. Past happy memories will keep you busy. Your business sense and your ability to negotiate will bring you gains. Today, you’ll understand the importance of relationships as you’ll spend the majority of your time with your family members. You might fall in love with your spouse again today because he/she deserves it.

    Cancer:You misunderstand with a friend may invite some unpleasant reaction-get a balanced view before passing any judgement. Those who are managing their business with their close ones or relatives need to remain very careful today, otherwise financial losses can occur. Children will make you feel proud with their achievements. Show your love by placing flower at your window. Work at office will gain momentum as colleagues and seniors extend full cooperation. A member of your family may insist on spending some time with you today. Although you’ll agree to this, but it will be time-consuming. The day is really great for your married life. Let your partner know how much you love him/her.

    Leo:Your personal problems may ruin mental happiness but involve yourself in some mental exercise by reading something interesting to cope up these pressures. Improvement in finances is certain. Your charming nature and pleasant personality would help you make new friends and improve contacts. Mental turmoil and turbulence as work pressure builds up. Relax towards the later half of the day. Listen to your inner feeling before committing to any partnership. You may give advice to your children regarding time management and how to utilize the time in the most fruitful way. Your spouse might cause you some loss today.

    Virgo :Pleasure trips and social get-togethers will keep you relaxed and happy. Real estate investment would be lucrative. Social events will be perfect opportunity to improve your rapport with influential and important people. Love is synonymous to worshipping God; it is very spiritual as well as religious. You will know this today. There’s little time to rest today-as pending task will keep you occupied. Avoid being too spendthrift if you go for shopping. Today, roses will look redder and violets will look bluer because intoxication of love is giving you a high.

    Libra :Put your energy into self-improvement projects that would make a better you. You are likely to earn through most unexpected sources. Family needs and requirements get neglected as you overstrain at work place Your gloomy life may give tension to your spouse. Business partners behave supportive and you work together to complete pending jobs. Natives of this zodiac sign will get plenty of time for themselves today. You can use this time to fulfill your desires, read a book or listen to your favorite music. Your spouse might burst out on you over a not-so-happening conjugal life that you have.

    Scorpio :Wife may cheer you up. Good day for real estate and financial transactions. Family function would make new friends. But be careful in your selection. Good friends are like a treasure you always want to preserve. Your sweetheart is going to miss you badly all day. Plan a surprise and make it the most beautiful day of your life. Pending projects and plans move to take a final shape. Be careful not to make harsh comments incase you are pushed into an argument. Love after marriage sounds difficult, but it is happening with you throughout the day.

    Sagittarius :Your hope will bloom like a rich delicate fragrant and dazzling flower. Money can be required anytime, so plan your finances and start saving now as much as possible. A day when listening and working on the suggestions of other people will be important. Unexpected romantic inclination. Business and education benefits for some. Stay away from gossip and rumours. You know what, your spouse is truly your angel. Don’t believe us? Observe and experience it today.

    Capricorn :  Outdoor activities will be tiring and stressful today. Together with your spouse, you can discuss finances and plan your wealth for your future. You are best to avoid raising issue that could upset your relationship with loved ones. Your beloved will seek commitment- Do not make promise that you will find difficult to keep. Enroll yourself into short-term programs that will help you learn latest technologies and skills. During the night today, you would like to get away from your home and take a walk on the terrace or in a park. Today, your better half will support you in the most critical thing of your life.

    Aquarius :Start meditation and yoga for physical gain especially mental toughness. If you are traveling, then take special care of your valuables. Acting carelessly can increase the chances of theft or misplacing your items. Someone you live with will be annoyed if you have been ignoring your household duties. Love life may be controversial today. If you want to do better at the workplace, then try and infuse new technologies in your work. Stay updated with the latest tricks and techniques. You will receive important invitation from unexpected sources. Your spouse might not show much interest in supporting you in the difficult situations today.

    Pisces : You need to control your emotions and get rid of your fear as early as possible, as chances of instantaneously affecting your health and a stumbling block in your way of enjoying good health are high on the card. The money you had saved up from a long time can come to use today. However, the expenditure can lower your spirit. Go out with close friends who understand your situation and your needs. You will get to taste the rich chocolate of love today. Concentrate on your work and stay clear of emotional confrontations. In today’s busy lifestyle, it gets difficult to find time for yourself. But today is your lucky day, as you will have plenty of time for yourself. Today, your innocent acts of your spouse will make your day fabulous!


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