Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated with great enthusiasm not only in India but also in many countries by the Indians living there. Beautiful Ganesha idols are installed in homes, pandals and the Lord will be offered prasad with daily prayers for the 10 days as the festival ends on the 10th day.

Vadodara is also known for maintaining it’s cultural identity and celebrating the Ganesha festival with great enthusiasm. Every year new themes Ganesha idols are worth a watch and this year also the josh is the same. On September 2 Lord Ganesha not only will be installed at homes and pandals in the city but also at New Jersey where the Indian community organise to celebrate the festival.

A Vadodara artist designed the fibre Ganesha idol here in his workshop and send it to New Jersey through ship from Mundra port for installing there. Rakesh Kashikar designed the 15 foot idol weigh around 300 kgs all from fibre and took around one and half month to complete. Fabrication work in more in the idol and all parts are folding to make it easily adjustable.

The idol was shipped by the artist through ship after detaching every parts from crown to feet. The parts are kept folding by the artist for easily shipped and then rejoin at New Jersey for the festival. Last year a similar Ganesha Idol was send to California for the Ganesh festival which is slowly get popularise in foreign countries.


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