3rd day saw celebrated speakers inspired youths on nationalism and positivity

The 3rd and final day of YUGAANTAR started with the first segment chaired by Amit Dholakia with session referred to individualism and culturalism and invited Dr.yogesh Singh, vice chancellor of the Delhi technological university and former director of Netaji Subash Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

To start with the day, Baroda being close to his heart Dr. Singh welcomed all to the session with an open art. Being an expert on technology as a science, nation needs empowered souls to grow and cherish he shared  chanakyas philosophy that the nation’s freedom is our freedom, and if the culture and religion are not cherished much of it can fail to sustain. Motivating the youth to serve the nation and increasing positivity towards others success he focus on goodness and humility should be given credit.

The Next speaker Uday Mahurkar being a journalist, political analyst, author, deputy editor at India today group and being alumni of the university referred to veer Damodar Savarkar and shared his philosophy of Hindutva. He talked about Hindu Muslim as communities of diversity and cultural heritage and mentioned how the nation could have been in an entirely different space for the world.

The next session was the felicitation of 6 unsung heroes. First was, Ms. Saroj Kamari (IPS officer) the true motivation for women  has climbed the Mount Everest and spoke in respect to her duty as an IPS officer being a woman of the generation. Project Ujas is an initiative for the marginalized women, which focuses on their issues of sexual assault and domestic violence and their stories of empowerment. Not just there stories but also the daily life struggles of a girl a child.

*Arpita Vyas*, 2013 wings to fly foundation, with the help of the police and the authorities helped all those women who are in the illegal business, of selling alcohol and pick pocketing. Arpita Vyas and ACP Manjir helped these women empower their  livelihood and make them capable enough that they can sustain there lives.

Pranab Mukherjee once said that there is no humiliation more than hunger, our nation squirms with issues like hunger, lack of education and lack of basic livelihood. This session felicitated *kalpesh Ahuja* an initiated project zero hunger movement, seva sarvpuri.

Ajay Sharma represented his work and ideologies with the audience. After surviving subjected to a disease like brain hemorrhage made him realize the importance of life. The stigma and discrimination surrounded by HIV, AIDS  has resulted in many cases of abandonment and group killing of these HIV AIDS diagnosed patients who are poor and helpless. He adopted HIV positive kids who are abandoned by there families.

Last but not the least, *kalpesh Joshi* the owner and operator of Gotirth Vidyapeeth which is an ancient and vedic education division by Bansi Gir Gaushala. It follows three main philosophies of Goshala, Pathshala, Yagyashala.

The last speaker of the Yugaantar Conference was, Maninderjeet Singh Bitta (also M S Bitta) who is the chairman of the All-India Anti-Terrorist Front (AIATF), and former chief of the Indian Youth Congress. He was made the president of Indian Youth Congress by P. V. Narasimha Rao. Maninderjeet Singh Bitta was a Minister in Punjab Govt in the govt of Beant Singh (chief minister). His speech was an empowering session of nationalism,  enthusiasm and energy  from Subhash Chandra Bose, Azad Kalam, Bhagat Singh and many of the powerful leaders.

The last part of the last day was Valedictory session wherein Speaker of Gujarat Assembly  Rajendra Trivedi inspired the youth to truly be a part of serving the country. He was honoured by Director of Institute of Leadership and Governance, Reena Bhatia and Deputy Director K. M. Chudasama.


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