Youth save himself from the jaws of crocodile


Its a fight with the death for a youth from Medhad village in Padra Taluka caught by the crocodile when he went to fetch his cattles. The youth Raju Rathodia went near the Vishvamitri river flowing nearby the village when the crocodile attacked him. However he fight and release himself from the jaws of the crocodile with the help of other youths from the village.

As per the details Raju Rathodia 30 resides with his family in Navi Nagri Medhad village and earn his living by doing labour work. On Tuesday night his Buffalo released from the knot and reached near the flowing Vishvamitri river.

Raju was aware of the crocodiles living in the area and he went there to save his Buffalo. As soon as he reached near the cattle the crocodile there attacked and pounced on his left hand. Raju was shocked and fell down and the crocodile quickly pounced on his left leg and tightened it’s grip.

He tried to free himself from the powerful jaws but failed and started shouting for help. He was lucky as another youth Mahesh Rathodia who was grazing the cattles nearby rushed for his help and pulled him from the jaws of the crocodile.

Later Raju was taken to Padra civil hospital in 108 ambulance for treatment. The incident send shockwaves in the village as if Mahesh not reached in time then the crocodile might dragged Raju inside and kill him.



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